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Three Art Exhibitions Open at the Yuelai Art Museum in Chongqing

By YAN DENG|Mar 21,2023

Chongqing - The Yuelai Art Museum in Chongqing opened three art exhibitions on March 18, which were "Implantation - the Second Public Art Exhibition of Yuelai, "Borderless" art exhibition, and "Chongqing Artist Archive - Ye Zhou."

The second Public Art Exhibition of Yuelai features five Chinese and foreign artists, including Fang Lijun, Ma Yansong, Sui Jianguo, Tobias Rehberger, and Xu Bing, showcasing a series of large-scale public art pieces. According to the curator, Yu Ke, the exhibition aims to integrate the artwork with the community through in-depth implantation.

Xu Bing's work. (Photo/Yuelai Art Museum)

Tobias Rehberger's work.(Photo/Yuelai Art Museum)

Sui Jianguo's work. (Photo/Yuelai Art Museum)

The rendering of Ma Yansong's work. (Photo/Yuelai Art Museum)

Fang Lijun's work, Self-Portrait(Photo/Yuelai Art Museum)

"Borderless," an indoor art exhibition, opened at the same time, curated by Professor Wang Min'an of Tsinghua University. The exhibition features over 50 works from eight artists, including He Duoling, Mao Tongqiang, and Shen Qin. The artwork was transported from Beijing, Shanghai, Yinchuan, and Chongqing to the Yuelai Art Museum. The exhibition explores the boundaries of art and its possibilities.

He Duoling's work. (Photo/Yuelai Art Museum)

Liu Liyun's creation. (Photo/Yuelai Art Museum)

He Yunchang's work, Stone's Journey in England(Photo/Yuelai Art Museum)

Zhan Wang's work. (Photo/Yuelai Art Museum)

The third exhibition, "Chongqing Artist Archives - Ye Zhou," showcases the works of Ye Zhou, a contemporary artist from Chongqing. The person in charge of the Yuelai Art Museum said that the "Chongqing Artist Archives" will invite Chongqing artists to join gradually. Each archive will be named after the respective artist and comprehensively showcase their artistic themes and creations in the exhibition. This initiative aims to present the lively, open, and inclusive face of the Chongqing art ecosystem while also providing citizens with an authentic and engaging perspective on Chongqing's cultural landscape.

Ye Zhou's work. (Photo/Yuelai Art Museum)

The exhibitions are expected to offer visitors an opportunity to experience diverse art styles and explore the connection between art and community. The Yuelai Art Museum hopes to use these exhibitions to promote cultural exchange and the development of the local art scene.


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