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ICV Industrial Development Features Openness, Collaboration and Win-win Trends | Experts

By ZHAN CHEN|Mar 23,2023

Chongqing - According to the recent 2023 Next-generation ICV Operating System Seminar held at the Western (Chongqing) Science City, experts believe that the intelligent connected vehicle (ICV) operating system will play an increasingly crucial role in improving industrial efficiency.

At the seminar, experts presented their latest research results, including the design concept, technical features, and application scenarios of the next-generation ICV operating system, to explore the future development path of the ICV.

In addition to enhancing the integration of new technologies like the Internet, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing, experts emphasized the need to build an ecology for new intelligent transportation that facilitates urban transportation and citizens' travel. They suggested that this can be achieved through a highly open and reliable operating system.

To meet the demands of the future, the ICV needs to possess high-level interconnectivity and intelligence abilities while embracing openness, collaboration, and win-win trends of future industrial development.

The 2023 next-generation ICV operating system seminar was held in Western (Chongqing) Science City on March 16. (Photo/WICV)

Industrial collaboration of ICV operating systems 

Nowadays, the vehicle operating system has become a crucial component of a car, determining its safety, comfort, intelligence level, and overall performance, especially with the development of vehicle electrification, intelligence, and network connectivity.

The ICV operating system is a critical component of the vehicle operating system, providing the fundamental operating basis and key technology to enable the vehicle's driving function, dynamics, environmental perception, intelligent decision-making, and information interaction, among other functions.

As Chongqing is promoting the development of a world-class trillion-level intelligent networked new energy vehicle industry, the ICV operating system holds immense significance for the high-quality construction of Chongqing's ICV industrial clusters.

To facilitate industrial collaboration and promote openness of ICV operating systems, the Western China Science City Innovation Center of Intelligent and Connected Vehicles (WICV), a new research and development (R&D) institution of the ICV, along with industry experts, has been promoting collaboration in various forms to gather industry strength and jointly advance the ICV operating system.

Xiao Kun, an open-source operating system expert at WICV, suggested exploring various collaboration modes to achieve this goal.


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