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Discover Karst Treasures Inside Wulong's Beautiful Cave | James' Vlog


Chongqing - Chongqing Wulong enjoys wide fame thanks to a rich variety of natural landscapes, including sinkholes, ravines, canyons, caves, waterfalls, rivers, grasslands, and forests, which have conferred this district the title of a world museum of karst ecology. At the same time, the Wulong Karst Tourist Area has been recognized as a world natural heritage along with Jinfo Mountain and the Wulipo section of Shenongjia National Park in Chongqing Municipality.

Furong Cave is a popular 5A-rated tourist destination in the Wulong Karst Scenic Area and has been widely praised as an underground art palace and museum for speleology. The China National Geographic magazine once described this natural wonder as the most beautiful cave in China, and since local farmers discovered the cave back in 1993, the attraction has been developed to a depth of 2701 meters, while visitors follow a trail 1860 meters long. 

The large caverns inside are colorfully lit and feature a large number of shafts, differing cave sediments, towering stalactites and stalagmites, rock formations, and crystal clear pools. The cave is now accessible through a cableway offering picturesque views and a cruise boat along the emerald nuanced Furong River that flows serenely through the green mountain valleys.

In this vlog post, iChongqing reporter James Alexander follows the trail through Furong Cave with the popular Kannada language YouTuber Saahil Hussain from India, who visited Chongqing for a second time to explore the rich tourism resources that Wulong District has to offer.


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