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Chongqing Overseas Students Experience Raptor Protection


Chongqing - As the ecological environment in Chongqing has continually improved over the past decade, the number and variety of raptors flying across the city on their yearly migration have increased correspondingly, while higher air quality has allowed nature lovers to observe them with ever greater ease. Moreover, popular science has achieved greater awareness of bio-diversity in Chongqing and the importance attached to the protection of natural habitats.

At a recent event held at the Nanshan Golden Eagle on April 15, the Chongqing Luhai International Communication Foundation invited twenty overseas university students to participate in a raptor spotting activity at the famous landmark. While the young students have already grown familiar with Chongqing's delicacies and views, many were previously unaware it also enjoys the status of "Eagle City."

This activity, named Laowai@Chongqing Eagle City, involved a gentle climb up to the Golden Eagle landmark, during which fun nature experiences were held en route to increase awareness towards the protection of habitats, the adverse effects of hunting, and the nature of migratory journeys employing an interactive and subjective approach.

In addition to event organizers and volunteers, the overseas students were accompanied by experienced birdwatchers and natural science experts who shared their knowledge about raptor species, local habitats, and migratory paths through Chongqing and worldwide. 

For example, the multiple ridges stretching parallel for hundreds of miles in a roughly southwest-northeast direction across Chongqing Municipality are an unmistakable landmark, providing strong thermal currents that sustain their flight over long distances.

Once the event reached a successful conclusion, the young participants expressed they had gained much knowledge about raptors. They wished to engage with ornithological societies in their home countries to set up more international cooperation to protect migratory birds on their journeys worldwide.

Deputy Secretary General of the Chongqing Luhai International Communication Foundation, Chen Can, explained that she hopes overseas friends can see Chongqing differently. "We really want to understand the ecological changes, how people participate in ecological protection and the species that make up our wildlife neighbors."


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