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Chongqing Releases Culture and Tourism Activities for May Day Holiday

By YAN DENG|Apr 27,2023

Chongqing Municipal Commission of Culture and Tourism Development released a list of cultural and tourism activities and consumption scenarios for this May Day holiday on April 26. Over 150 activities and four distinctive tourism routes are expected to give tourists and residents a good time in Chongqing.

Night view of Chongqing. (Photo/Chongqing Municipal Commission of Culture and Tourism Development)

Urban tourism

Half a month ago, online travel agencies such as LY.com released forecasts showing that Chongqing was one of the three most popular domestic tourist destinations for the May Day holiday.

Tourists and residents can spend the holiday in the city to avoid tiring travel. The most recommended activity by the Chongqing Municipal Commission of Culture and Tourism Development is to visit Shapingba for "shopping." In addition to the 12 Alleys of Ciqikou Ancient Town, the Quanli Town & Flower Market will also open during the holiday, which has over 100 stalls and will give away 2,000 coupons.

In Nan'an District, the Magic City and Extreme Happiness Show Version 2.0, a signature performance of Chongqing International Circus City, will be staged. The Changjiahui Wave-chasing Life Festival will also be unveiled during the holiday.

In Yubei District, the third edition of the Novel Life Festival of Tongjing Hot Spring will offer an immersive experience of the Magic Spring World. Visitors are also suggested to enjoy the large-scale live-action performance "The Century-old Mountain City · Sleepless Chongqing."

Suburban tourism

Visiting the suburbs is also an excellent choice for a deeper understanding of Chongqing. According to the Chongqing Municipal Commission of Culture and Tourism Development, the suburb theme tours are also fantastic.

First, visitors can participate in the Fengdu Temple Fair, which integrates a parade, the night tour of Ghost City, and an electronic music festival. Second, they can have fun in the 51 Summer Camping Festival, covering the most popular games — camping, picnic, barbecue, outdoor fair, concert, and open-air film. Third, visitors can enjoy music at the Art Gongtan Ancient Town-Folk Music & Kite Festival.

Besides, there are the Have Fun in Wulong, which invites people to the "Running Man" in the "fairy tale world," the Breathing in the Forest, Staying Overnight in Bamboo Sea for camping, and the 3rd "Azalea Blooming" Alpine Campfire Music Festival for visiting the Three Gorges Antique Sweetgum Garden and appreciating azalea flower sea during the day as well as singing Tujia folk songs and dancing Tujia hand-waving dance at night.

Rural tourism

Picking and sightseeing, enjoying the natural landscape, participating in exciting spring plowing, and experiencing the charming, idyllic life — people can find ways to "Back to the Field" during this holiday. Chongqing will host over 20 rural tourism activities.

At Jin'ao Farmyard in Dadukou District, the "Enjoying Spring Here" Brilliant Pastoral Life-Farming Culture Festival will kick off on April 29. Visitors can watch the sacrificial ceremony and performance and participate in spring ploughings, such as rice transplanting and fish catching.

Chengkou County also launched Visiting China's Natural Oxygen Bar and Bathing in Rural Leisure Customs during May Day Holiday series activities, such as rural games, happy treasure hunting (free egg collection), duck walking, and homestay performances, waiting for tourists and residents.

In addition, Zhongxian County will hold the "Hometown of Mulberry, Fascinating Guanba" 2023 Mulberry Picking Festival. Visitors can pick mulberries, taste mulberry tea, feed silkworms, and develop an understanding of silkworm and mulberry culture. Liangping District launched the 2023 Mingyue Mountain-Baili Bamboo Sea Scenic Area 8th Bamboo Shoot Picking Festival, allowing people to pick bamboo shoots "online and offline."

Special tourism

During this May Day holiday, tourists can enjoy special activities held by districts and counties.

Science and technology fans can come to Wansheng District for the "Achieving Centennial Goals and Building Dreams by Military and Civilian" Military Technology National Tour & Military Science and Technology Carnival. The event presents 1:1 replica heavy weapons and military equipment models and offers military and cultural interactive experiences through VR/AR.

For tourists who want a study tour, Youyang's "ICH in a Land of Idyllic Beauty" is worth visiting. It will provide tourists with intangible cultural heritage performances, such as wood leaf playing and hand-waving dance, and games, such as cuju and pitch-pot, allowing people to feel the charm of intangible cultural heritage. Jiangbei District will hold the Working in May Day Holiday, asking tourists to play roles of workers, craftsmen, and scientists. Those who like role-playing can attend the Chongqing Science and Technology Museum activity. The "Little Giant Challenge," launched by Dadukou District, is an outdoor obstacle race for children aged 3-12.

Generous discounts

During the May Day holiday, tourists can participate in abundant amusement activities and enjoy ticket discounts and preferential policies for some cultural and tourism service projects in several scenic areas.

For example, tourists can visit Baima Mountain Scenic Spot in Wulong District for free by forwarding the promotion video; Wanshou Mountain Scenic Area in Shizhu Tujia Autonomous County offers free admission to members of photography associations or Hanfu associations and celebrities with millions of fans; Wanling Ancient Town in Rongchang District will be open for free for front-line personnel in various industries such as police officers and doctors, as well as people aged 14 to 35; tourists born in Shandong Province can visit scenic areas in Fengjie County for free; model workers, with one companion allowed each, can enjoy free admission to Chiyou Jiuli Town, Mowei Mountain Scenic Area and other scenic areas in Pengshui Miao and Tujia Autonomous County. In addition, many scenic areas have launched preferential policies for tickets for the holiday, involving discounts for group buying, with the lowest ticket price reaching 19.9 yuan.

The Chongqing Municipal Commission of Culture and Tourism Development, relevant county/district-level departments, and scenic areas have prepared well to deal with such problems as the heavy traffic flow in the upcoming May Day holiday.



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