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Visual Chongqing | Weekly City Views on Apr 17-23, 2023

By SHIHAN YANG|Apr 27,2023
In Nanbin Road, the overlapping bridges connect the city, showing the infinite charm of three-dimensional traffic in the mountain city. Photo by Fan Xiaodong/Visual Chongqing
Overlooking the Wuxia Gorge, the sea clouds billow between the gullies of the Yangtze River, painting a magnificent picture of rivers and mountains. Photo by He Zhihong/Visual Chongqing
In Jiangbeizui Jiangtan Park, the glittering Hongya Cave is reflected in the river at night, lighting up the fairy-tale world of lights. Photo by Hu Cheng/Visual Chongqing
The figure skating exhibition competition was held in Jiulongpo District, where the Tang Dynasty’s style and the skating charm were intertwined. Photo by Li Hongbo/Visual Chongqing
An outstanding artist, nature has engraved the magnificent scenery of Wuxia Gorge with time. Photo by Ma Zhenglun/Visual Chongqing
In Zhongling Reservoir, Xiushan County, the natural landscape and purple Yunying flowers complement each other, forming a beautiful landscape painting. Photo by Tang Lei/Visual Chongqing
In Nanchuan District, the morning mist is like gauze surging in the mountains, coloring the mountains, houses, and fields into a freehand landscape painting. Photo by Qu Mingbin/Visual Chongqing

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