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Wuling Culture and Tourism Promoted in City Downtown

By YAN DENG|May 16,2023

To continuously integrate culture and tourism, the Promotion Conference of the Cultural Tourism Exhibition Tour of Wuling, China, 2023 (Chongqing Station) was held in the center of Jiefangbei Commercial Pedestrian Street, downtown Chongqing, on May 12.

Centering on the promotion of products of Wuling Mountain's culture and tourism integration, combined with the culture and tourism promotion brands of "Great Chongqing" and "Great Three Gorges," the promotion conference took residents, tourists, and regional travel agencies as the main targets, and adopted the form of "culture and tourism promotion, the artistic flash mob as well as culture and tourism fair."

The Cultural Tourism Exhibition Tour of Wuling, China, 2023, comes to Chongqing on May 12. (Photo/The event organizer)

Audience enjoys the scenery of the mountainous city

The promotion conference kicked off with the national percussion music "Stone Carriers' Work Song," successively staged excellent programs such as "Beaming with Joy at Sunrise" and "Singing Folk Songs," and introduced Chongqing's rich tourism resources, world heritage sites, and high-quality tourism routes.

 In this way, the audience could admire the 8D magical landscape of "Great Chongqing," the ethnic customs of "Great Wuling," the magnificent scenery of "Great Three Gorges," and appreciate the imposing environment and splendid folk culture of Simian Mountain and Jinfo Mountain, follow the promoter to dig into the revolutionary culture and spirit, and gain happiness on the "golden cruise." The audience praised: "Chongqing is truly a city full of charm." "I will go to Wuling this summer!" 

The promotion conference kicked off with the national percussion music "Stone Carriers' Work Song." (Photo/The event organizer)

Creative cultural fair brings a new immersive experience

 As a highlight of this event, a creative cultural fair garnered widespread attention. A creative culture and tourism fair was open to the public at the event site, including a display area of culture and tourism routes, a display area of cultural and creative products of intangible cultural heritage, and a DP group photo area. It perfectly integrated the "Great Chongqing, Great Wuling, and Great Three Gorges" elements into the overall display, providing an immersive and interactive viewing experience.

 These efforts enhanced tourists' cultural identity and emotional resonance by creating cultural IPs and shaping scenes. Further, they demonstrated Chongqing's development achievements in the inheritance of intangible cultural heritage and cultural innovation. 

The creative cultural fair garnered widespread attention. (Photo/The event organizer)

Fancy flash mob sets off a craze of Bayu style 

A fancy flash mob activity was held in Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street in the afternoon. In the characteristic program "Stone Carriers' Work Song," actors demonstrated Chongqing's passion and cultural charm in the form of national percussion.

In the original song and dance programs "Beaming with Joy at Sunrise" and "Brocade," local intangible cultural heritage inheritors and folk singers staged an entertaining and innovative original performance of shouting and antiphonal singing, hoping to introduce Chongqing's culture and tourism resources better and attract more tourists through culture and tourism connectivity, thus attracting a large number of audiences. 

Local intangible cultural heritage inheritors attracted a large number of audiences. (Photo/The event organizer)

The success of this promotion conference further enhanced the popularity and reputation of Chongqing's culture and tourism brand image and encouraged people from all over the country to travel to Chongqing, get to know Chongqing and establish emotional ties with Chongqing. 

More efforts will be made to deepen cooperation with more industries, jointly create high-quality core attractions of Chongqing's culture and tourism, expedite continuous industrial upgrading, and seek new opportunities for common development.


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