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Testing And Certification is Crucial in Facilitating the High-quality Development of Service Trade | Insights

By YUTING CHEN|May 18,2023

Chongqing - "Establishing an international platform for cooperation, communication, and mutual recognition in testing and certification is a crucial means to promote the domestic and international dual circulation development," said Wang Lijun, a Foreign Academician of the Russian Academy of Engineering.

In an exclusive interview with iChongqing and Bridging News, Wang said he would attend the Western International Testing and Certification Services Forum of the Fifth Western China International Fair for Investment and Trade (WCIFIT) on May 19.


Wang Lijun, a Foreign Academician of the Russian Academy of Engineering, said that testing and certification play a crucial role in facilitating the high-quality development of trade. (Photo/Wang Lijun)

Driving international cooperation and recognition for testing and certification

Wang highlighted the significant role of testing and certification in service trade, emphasizing its impact on enhancing product and service quality, strengthening consumer protection, and eliminating technical barriers and trade obstacles.

"To achieve these goals, it is necessary to establish mechanisms for international cooperation, mutual recognition of certification standards, and trade technology support institutions," said Wang.

He believes establishing international cooperation mechanisms is key to facilitating collaboration among global inspection and testing institutions. Cooperation with international organizations such as the World Trade Organization and the International Organization for Standardization fosters the sharing of resources, knowledge, and skills, enhancing global interaction and cooperation.

Moreover, forming a mutual recognition system for certification standards fosters a mutually beneficial trade environment among nations. This entails countries mutually acknowledging and accepting each other's inspection and testing reports, thereby reducing trade frictions and barriers. 

To realize this objective, efforts are required in international cooperation, information sharing, and testing and certification standards development.

Wang continued trade technology support institutions are also pivotal in developing the testing and certification industry. These institutions provide increased technical support and services to the industry, helping businesses expand their market share and conduct operations in the global market. 

Simultaneously, this propels inspection and testing institutions towards internationalization, digitization, and innovation.

The testing and certification industry brings ample market opportunities 

As the demand for product quality surges, the development of the testing and certification industry brings ample market opportunities for the quality control industry chain. 

Manufacturing enterprises can ensure compliance with international standards and customer requirements through testing and certification, reducing production costs and enhancing consumer trust and brand reputation.

Rapid testing and certification services industry development also supports the biopharmaceutical industry chain. Testing and certification are crucial in anti-counterfeiting, control, management, and regulation within the biopharmaceutical industry chain. 

Pharmaceutical products must undergo testing and certification to guarantee quality, reliability, and safety, ultimately ensuring patient well-being.

"As a high-tech industrial park, Chongqing High-tech Industrial Development Zone should strengthen the core competitiveness of the local testing and certification industry," said Wang.

This can be done through scientific and technological cooperation and exchange with major trading partners, developing related industries, promoting technological innovation, and empowering domestic industry leaders to attain heightened competitiveness to expand their market share internationally.



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