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Chongqing Investors and the Guyanese Jointly Grown Together


Chongqing - Anyin Choo, Ambassador of Guyana to China, was the first time to participate in the Western China International Fair for Investment and Trade (WCIFIT).

In an interview with iChongqing’s reporter on May 18th, she said that WCIFIT encourages Chinese and international companies to engage in dialogues to explore the opportunities for trade and investment jointly“As individual countries, we all have our strengths and weaknesses, and I think it’s a good window, for not only governments but for our private sector companies also, to match those strengths and need to create that real win-win situation.”

The most substantial investment in Guyana’s mining sector has come from Chongqing Bosai Minerals Group. Since 2006, Bosai’s operations in Guyana have expanded. They began with bauxite and magnesium and plan to further develop their business in Guyana. Currently, Bosai employs over a thousand Guyanese in its operations, offering job opportunities and enhancing the living standards of Guyanese people. “This is a sensible investment where the investor and the citizens of Guyana have jointly grown and mutually benefitted. We are very proud of this successful investment,” said Anyin Choo.

Culturally, Guyana is a blend of diverse ethnicities. Chinese culture is an integral part of the rich, varied Guyanese culture. “That has fostered a closer connection between our two peoples,” said Anyin Choo. “Guyanese people have a great fondness for Chinese food. We also come together to celebrate Chinese New Year.”

On the topic of China’s economic growth, she described it as “phenomenal.” “I’ve visited China during different periods over the years. China's progress in the last four decades could have taken other nations a century to accomplish!”

She expressed her belief that the Chinese government understands China’s unique circumstances and the needs of its people, adapting economic theories and concepts to suit the unique situation. “If we could apply that principle and that concept to other countries, we would all benefit,” she added.


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