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Exploring Diverse Digital Application Scenarios Enabled by a SIM Card

By YUTING CHEN|May 22,2023

Beyond making phone calls, what other potential application scenarios exist for SIM cards? China Mobile Group Chongqing Co., Ltd. has recently introduced the Super SIM card. This enhanced version broadens the range of SIM applications, including public transportation, all-purpose campus cards, access control, door locks, and SIM authentication.

All-purpose card service in 330 Cities

Traveling has become much more convenient since Chongqing Mobile, in collaboration with Chongqing Payeasy Card Co., Ltd., launched the "National All-Purpose Card" feature. This function enables users to use the Super SIM card on buses and rail transit systems across 38 districts and counties in Chongqing and 330 cities in China, including Guangzhou, Hangzhou, and Chengdu.

Chongqing Mobile has partnered with 13 local universities, including the Chongqing University of Technology, to create digital campuses to roll out the "Campus All-Purpose Card" feature. This facility allows users to purchase in the canteen and the school supermarket and access school and dormitory facilities.

Furthering the vision for digital communities, over 1,000 residential communities have adopted the community access control system based on the Super SIM card.

In the future, Chongqing Mobile plans to introduce digital ID card application services reliant on SIM identity authentication. This initiative will integrate telecom operator account data with identity information from public security authorities.

The company is also determined to continually develop novel application scenarios in the realms of culture and tourism, finance, and governmental affairs.

Eight seconds to download a 2GB movie

Chongqing Mobile has established 31,000 5G base stations, 25,000 computing servers, and 20 million broadband lines. The gigabit network extends across the entire city, with the 10-gigabit network covering all urban areas and 84% of rural zones. These networks ensure seamless access for seven million gigabit network users.

Leveraging the 10G-PON network, Chongqing Mobile's 2000M whole-house optical broadband delivers an internet experience twice as fast as the gigabit network. For example, downloading a 2GB movie now takes only eight seconds.

Fiber to the Room (FTTR) networking ensures 360-degree coverage throughout the house, eliminating blind spots and solving the issue of WiFi signal attenuation caused by walls.

Moreover, it facilitates multi-channel network access for smart home devices such as door locks, refrigerators, surveillance systems, and smoke detectors.

Smart home security products, including mobile home surveillance robots, were displayed at the event. (Photo/Wu Wangyang)

Beyond home networking applications, the 2000M whole-house optical broadband can also be employed extensively in small and medium-sized enterprise parks or commercial buildings to aid enterprise digitization.

Chongqing Mobile is committed to continually enhancing its information service capabilities, improving the construction of 5G networks and gigabit optical fiber networks, promoting the wide-scale adoption of gigabit networks, and accelerating the innovation and advancement of gigabit network applications.


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