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Overseas Influencer Visits Last 'Shangri-La' of Yangtze River Three Gorges


Robert William, an influencer from the United States, arrived in Yunyang County, Northeast Chongqing on May 18th and shared local scenery with global netizens through his lens.

During the "2023 Overseas Influencers Explore Chongqing" event, organized by the Chongqing International Communication Center, William explored the stunning beauty of the Longgang Scenic Area and was engaged in thrilling amusement activities within the park.

Robert William is recording the beauty of Yunyang Longgang Scenic Area. (Photo/Land-Sea International News Center)

Yunyang Longgang was once a hidden gem, tucked away in a remote and secluded location, earning it the reputation of being the last "Shangri-La" of the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River. It wasn't until 2005, when Longgang was designated as a national geological park, its pristine and picturesque ecological landscapes began to gain recognition.

Over the past decade, the local government has undertaken various infrastructure projects to effectively preserve the ecological environment of Longgang and provide enhanced access for visitors. These initiatives include the construction of squares, a geological museum, and the restoration of old villages. These efforts have played a crucial role in offering convenient and safe services for tourists while safeguarding the natural ecological resources of Longgang.

Robert William in Yunyang County (Photo/Land-Sea International News Center)

"The beauty of this place deserves to be shared with more people. Netizens will undoubtedly fall in love with this destination." Upon entering the scenic area, Robert William arrived at the "Cloud Corridor," the world's first suspended glass skywalk, standing 718 meters above the ground. Overwhelmed by the breathtaking view, he couldn't help but exclaim in awe.

The Cloud Corridor, completed in 2015 at a cost of approximately 40 million yuan, spans a circumference of 60 meters. Its main structure features a single-arm cantilevered steel box girder stretching 26.68 meters, making it the world's longest cantilever. Despite its impressive height, the skywalk boasts impeccable safety measures. Designed to withstand an 8-magnitude earthquake and a 14-magnitude typhoon, it can accommodate 100 to 200 people simultaneously.

Standing on the skywalk, visitors can savor a 720-degree panoramic view of the magnificent Longgang scenery through transparent glass. They can witness the ever-changing geological formations of Shuimohu Lake and Shisun River Gorge, formed over thousands of years. Throughout his journey on the skywalk, Robert William continuously shared his joy with netizens.

After immersing himself in the captivating scenery, it was time for Robert William to experience the exhilaration of Longgang. At the Monkey Ya Pass within the scenic area, near the edge of the 600-meter-high Shisun River cliff, the Cloud Rainbow Swing awaited his adventurous encounter. With a height of 108 meters, a maximum speed of approximately 120-130 kilometers per hour, and having secured the Guinness World Record for the world's highest framework swing on July 23rd, 2020, this swing stands as a global benchmark in terms of height, speed, and swing range.

Armed with his camera, Robert William shared his experience of riding the Cloud Rainbow Swing with netizens worldwide. Equipped with safety gear like flight suits, visitors are lifted smoothly to a vertical height of 88 meters from the launch tower, gradually expanding their view as they ascend. They can admire the 3D murals and distant landscapes below from the air. Visitors swiftly soar beyond the cliff's edge when the swing is released, experiencing the ultimate thrill of "flying ahead while the soul chases behind."

Robert William experienced thrilling amusement activities.  (Photo/Land-Sea International News Center)

"This place combines beauty and excitement, an ideal vacation destination." During his visit to Longgang, Robert William also explored other attractions such as the Cloud Car, Cloud Dragon, and Cave Exploration.

From being an obscure and secluded canyon in the northeastern mountains of Chongqing to becoming a rising star in Chinese tourism and ultimately achieving the prestigious 5A-level scenic area status, Yunyang Longgang has experienced rapid growth in visitor numbers, from tens of thousands to millions. It has transformed into a "shining pearl" in Chongqing and Chinese tourism as a whole, destined to become a popular destination that captivates the hearts of travelers worldwide.

Moreover, William also visited Liming Ancient Village and the Peng’s Ancestral Temple to have a better understanding of culture and tourism integration.

The Liming Ancient Village, located in Fengming Town, Yunyang County, was established in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasties about 400 years ago. In recent years, Yunyang has adopted a development strategy combining the ancient village's natural form with culture and tourism so that Liming Village can be given new vitality in rural revitalization.

The Liming Ancient Village. (Photo/Huang Yu)

In the Liming Ancient Village, a major historical and cultural site is protected at the national level, the Peng’s Ancestral Temple. Built in 1864 and surrounded by mountains on all sides and walls on three sides, Peng’s Ancestral Temple has both the ritual function of an ancestral temple and the defensive function of a fortress.

The Peng’s Ancestral Temple. ( Photo/Wu Lin, the Yunyang Media Center)


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