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Unconventional Stress Relief Methods Take Root Among China's Youths

By YUTING CHEN|Jun 07,2023

Chongqing - Have you ever felt besieged by life's relentless pressures? Are work, studies, finances, and relationships building a fortress of stress around you? If so, you're not alone. China's youth have found themselves in the same boat, but they're charting a course toward tranquility with some ingenious stress relief methods.

The enthralling power of mini-videos

Adorable and peculiar Mini-videos have surged in popularity as young people's go-to for unwinding. Believe it or not, clips featuring seemingly mundane activities like horseshoe repairs or pandas munching on bamboo are turning into viral stress busters.

A video titled "No One is Really Bored to Watch Horseshoeing at Night" garnered 439,000 likes. (Photo/cqnews.net)

A video aptly titled "No One is Truly Bored Watching Horseshoeing at Night" has captivated viewers, racking up an impressive 439,000 likes. It showcases the artistry of a proficient horseshoer replacing a worn-out shoe, tenderly cleaning the hooves, and fitting the horse with a fresh shoe. While it might sound run-of-the-mill, this soothing spectacle casts a tranquility spell on viewers, becoming an unconventional stress relief hit.

Panda-eating bamboo videos are also highly favored by young people. (Photo/cqnews.net)

Equally charming, pandas have ambled onto the stress relief scene, enchanting audiences with their adorable eating antics. Videos feature pandas skilfully stripping bamboo shoots and munching them with unbridled enjoyment. The soothing sound of their chewing strikes a chord with viewers, encouraging a relaxed ambiance. These clips have created such a buzz that some netizens even profess a desire to watch pandas eating all day!

This trend of stress relief through mini-videos is gaining traction not only for its calming effect but also for its accessibility, allowing young people to snatch moments of bliss amidst their hectic schedules.

Self-soothing for balance and tranquility

Stress relief extends beyond the realm of videos. Zhang Qi, a leading psychotherapist at the First Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University, advocates two potent techniques.

The first, self-soothing, is a way of harnessing the senses and movement to create an emotional equilibrium. For touch, this might involve a relaxing bath, playing with pets, getting a massage, or even a comforting self-hug. For taste, it could mean savoring favorite delicacies, brewing aromatic tea, or enjoying dark chocolate. And for sight, browsing cherished photos, watching a sunset, or observing the hustle and bustle can provide solace.

Zhang also highlights the TIPP technique for tackling high-stress situations. This method incorporates temperature adjustment, intense exercise, paced breathing, and progressive muscle relaxation. Using these techniques, China's youth can find their way to a balanced, peaceful state of mind.

Maintaining a positive mindset, exploring diverse stress relief techniques, and carving out personal sanctuaries of joy and relaxation are key to dismantling stress and rediscovering inner harmony. The future of stress relief is here, and it is creative, accessible, and engaging.


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