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Chongqing Leading the Charge in New Energy Vehicles | Insights

By ZHAN CHEN|Jul 31,2023

Chongqing - "Chongqing presents an extraordinarily vibrant landscape for the new energy market, and we're genuinely optimistic," said Allen Sun, Tesla's regional general manager, in an exclusive interview with Bridging News at the Chongqing Yuhang Tesla Center on July 25.

China stands as the world's largest electric vehicle (EV) market, and its EV charging industry offers substantial opportunities for international investors. As a prominent automotive manufacturing hub in China, Chongqing is advancing a large, smart, networked new energy vehicle industry cluster, with new energy vehicles taking a leading role.

Sun praised the city's comprehensive and well-planned charging infrastructure. "It's noteworthy that we receive a minimal number of charging-related complaints from our customers, particularly in Chongqing's central urban area," he explained.

Allen Sun, regional general manager of Tesla. (Photo/Tesla)

This beneficial circumstance isn't exclusive to Tesla; other new energy brands encounter similar experiences. Chongqing has successfully established an efficient, reliable charging environment, giving automotive brands confidence in the city's potential as a hotspot for the new energy market.

Tesla has strengthened its commitment to the region by establishing 44 supercharging stations and 17 destination charging stations across Chongqing, notably augmenting the city's electric vehicle infrastructure.

Tesla reaches Chongqing districts and counties

The Chongqing Yuhang Tesla Center recently marked its grand opening at the Southwest International Auto Trade City in the Yubei District. This hub functions as a comprehensive service center for Tesla, offering test drives, after-sales maintenance, and direct body spray sales.

Since entering Chongqing in 2018, Tesla has an impressive expansion over the past five years. With 12 stores, six service centers, two body spray centers, and one delivery center in Chongqing, Tesla's foothold in the region is strong.

The Chongqing Yuhang Tesla Center recently celebrated its grand opening in Yubei District. (Photo/Chen Zhan)

Looking beyond the main urban area, Tesla aims to broaden its reach to different districts and counties, building stronger relationships with customers across diverse locations.

"Chongqing's extensive geographical spread and varied population make it a compelling market for us," Sun said. "We're excited to extend our presence into various districts and counties in Chongqing."

Tesla's venture into the Wanzhou District is a testament to its faith in the Chongqing market. "Through events and pop-up stores in Wanzhou, we've noted an overwhelmingly positive embrace of electric vehicles by the local community," Sun shared.

"Our goal is to enhance our service coverage across Chongqing's diverse districts and counties, ensuring more customers can experience our high-quality products and services," he added.


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