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BiCV Navigates Future Road to Intelligent Driving | James' Vlog


Chongqing - The highly anticipated Smart China Expo has become a prominent fixture on the world calendar for intelligent technology in Chongqing. This year, the conference is set to focus on intelligent, connected new energy vehicles. During the event, the Chinese hi-tech enterprise BiCV intends to showcase its intelligent cockpits, driving products, and the Beidou high-precision location service system inside the Chongqing Pavilion.

BICV is a subsidiary of BDStar and has become a "Little Giant" enterprise in the satellite navigation industry, as well as a TIER 1 company in China specializing in the research and development, manufacture, and sales of intelligent networking and intelligent automotive products.

The term "Beidouxing" originally means the constellation known as the Big Dipper, but it now also refers to the navigation satellite network developed by China, which powers technology used widely amongst the population, such as mobile phones, smartwatches, and intelligent vehicles.

Based on this satellite network, BiCV has developed leading products that offer positioning technology with high levels of accuracy, such as navigation software that presents live road conditions down to individual lanes. This not only benefits drivers among the public in terms of convenient travel but will also form the technological basis for the achievement of intelligent driving in the future.

Chongqing is a magical 8D metropolis that provides the acid test for satellite navigation technology. This is thanks to a highly complex road system dictated by the mountainous terrain and great rivers flowing through. The Panlong Interchange is one such example, with twelve access roads directing vehicles towards the airport, ring road, and downtown areas. However, the precision offered through BiCV applications means that Panlong Interchange can be effectively navigated down to the exact lane.

In recent years, the Chongqing Municipal Government has released a development plan for building a world-class intelligent connected new energy vehicle industry cluster, followed by a series of action plans and implementation measures, which in turn encouraged BiCV to establish a headquarters in the city to focus on development back in 2019.

Chongqing is also home to an increasing number of leading intelligent and new energy vehicle brands as part of this industry cluster, with notable examples being the Changan UNI series (KTV), Avita, Deep Blue, and Wenjie, which have received enthusiastic reactions in the automotive market.

As the 2023 Smart China Expo approaches, iChongqing reporter James Alexander visits the headquarters of BiCV in Yubei District to experience firsthand the latest innovations in Beidou-driven products, including the exhibition hall, production workshop, and smart vehicles in which the technology has already been applied.


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