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China's Mobile Courts Serve People in Mountainous Areas

By Xinhua|Sep 04,2023

Chongqing - A van with the word "justice" printed on it attracted a crowd of residents in the town of Longshui, Dazu District, southwest China's Chongqing Municipality.

Staff of the People's Court of Wanzhou District introduce the mobile court's function to the public in Chongqing, southwest China, April 20, 2023. (Photo/The People's Court of Wanzhou District)

Xiang Zhizun, who is over 60 years old, said it was the first time he had seen a mobile court. "I didn't expect the court to offer door-to-door service."

A decade ago, Chongqing took the lead in the country in developing the first generation mobile court. The third-generation mobile court equipped with 5G technology, which is digital, intelligent and cost-saving, was delivered offline in 2021.

The mobile court parked in Longshui was hearing a dispute over a construction contract between a real estate company and an engineering company.

Tan Hongyan, the judge in charge of the case, said that the specific construction situation needs to be identified, and the mobile court makes it possible for the two parties to jointly check the scene.

The mobile court provides intelligent litigation services including filing, trial, litigation, mediation, and adjudication. "This not only allows the public to enjoy convenient judicial services on their doorstep, but also provides convenience for judges' on-site investigations," Tan said.

The mobile court is equipped with a self-service litigation service all-in-one machine, mobile litigation service platform, AI identification, electronic cross-examination, voice recognition, electronic signature, 5G live broadcast, and panoramic intelligent trial recording, according to Zhang Wei with the Chongqing Municipal Higher People's Court. "It is a modern small court with complete functions."

The 5G mobile court has become a new way to promote the popularization of law and the distribution of judicial resources in this mountain city with complex terrain.

A mobile court was parked near an ecological restoration forest in Simian Mountain, Jiangjin District of Chongqing, to hear a case of deforestation, on Aug. 10, ahead of the country's first National Ecology Day. Dozens of local residents attended the trial.

A mobile court is parked near an ecological restoration forest to hear a case of deforestation in Simian Mountain, Jiangjin District of Chongqing, southwest China, Aug. 10, 2023. (Photo/The People's Court of Jiangjin District)

The place where the mobile court parked was once occupied by an illegal construction project. The government legally demolished the project and grew 25.68 mu (1.71 hectares) of plants there.

"It is of special significance to hear a case of deforestation in the mountains," said Zhu Rui with the People's Court of Jiangjin District, Chongqing. A hearing in their local area can promote legal awareness among villagers, so that they can better protect ecological resources, Zhu explained.

After the trial, the local court, together with the local forestry bureau, distributed materials to the residents to promote and popularize legal knowledge about ecological protection.

Since 2022, mobile courts have completed more than 7,200 tasks in Chongqing, benefiting more than 500,000 people, according to the Chongqing Municipal Higher People's Court.


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