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Semiconductor Display Giant BOE Launched Its First China Innovation Center

By Dai Yuan|Sep 04,2023

Chongqing - Chongqing's monumental stride towards innovation was realized by recently completing the BOE (Chongqing) Intelligent System Innovation Center. 

Based in Chongqing's Liangjiang New Area, this pioneering municipal project is BOE's inaugural innovation center in China. Covering an area of 156,300 square meters, the center is strategically designed to spearhead advancements in smart retail, smart finance, industrial internet, smart city development, and public services.

BOE (Chongqing) completed its construction of an intelligent system innovation center. (Photo/China Construction First Group Corporation Limited)

The innovation center radiates technological prowess, focusing on cutting-edge domains such as semiconductor display and Internet of Things (IoT) innovation. 

It aims to construct a multidimensional, innovative ecological platform integrated with technological development, achievement transformation, industry incubation, and talent exchange. This ambition crystallizes as a regional landmark, envisaged to become a global benchmark in intelligent system innovation.

As a testament to engineering brilliance, the innovation center unveils a staggering 735 square meters curved screen, a remarkable 3D naked-eye display that soars 26 meters above the ground. The pursuit of perfection extends further, with painstaking calculations to optimize vertical and horizontal viewing angles, ensuring an unparalleled visual experience from every angle.

The center also encompasses a generating area of 2,000 square meters, housing 128 devices and over 700 meters of intricate pipelines. The layout and appearance of these vital elements underwent innovative design and installation techniques, resulting in a remarkable 50% reduction in conventional construction timelines.

An eco-conscious approach threads through the entire project, integrating green construction technologies. The fusion of the smart construction brain system and AI-driven recognition technology facilitates real-time progress monitoring and on-site management. 

Furthermore, carbon emission monitoring systems provide live insights into emissions and material consumption, steering the project towards environmentally sustainable and intelligent construction practices.

The BOE (Chongqing) intelligent system innovation center covers 156,300 square meters. (Photo/China Construction First Group Corporation Limited)

Implementing Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology allowed for a simulated and visualized project development projection. 

This immersive approach facilitated a comprehensive analysis of complex nodes and integration points, an achievement recognized by a first-place victory in the Beijing BIM Competition.

With a robust portfolio of nearly 2,000 patents and the creation of over 1,500 new products enriched with breakthrough technologies, BOE (Chongqing) stands as a beacon of technological advancement.


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