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Integrating Data, Computing Power, Algorithms Key to AI Progress | Insights

By ZHAN CHEN|Sep 07,2023

Chongqing - "Three elements of data, computing power, and algorithms push artificial intelligence rolling forward," said Qiu Heng, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of China Government & Enterprise Business Group, Huawei, during the 2023 Smart China Expo (SCE 2023) on September 5. 

He introduced that since 2018, Huawei, a global frontrunner in information and communications technology (ICT) solutions, has forged four strategic alliances with southwest China's Chongqing, covering a diverse spectrum of industries.

From ventures in cloud computing and big data to AI and smart city innovations, Huawei's goal is clear. "We aim to bring the digital world to every household," Qiu said. "It's an ambitious objective, and we're excited about the progress we're making."

Qiu Heng, CMO of China Government & Enterprise Business Group, Huawei. (Graphics/Chen Yingzhu)

Huawei fostered over half of China's large models 

Qiu believes the integration of data, computing power, and algorithms is central to advancing the AI sector and promises rapid and accurate advancements within the field.

He emphasized the critical importance of large-scale models and their vast applicability, ranging from foundational frameworks to specific industry applications. 

Huawei has successfully nurtured and tailored over 30 foundational large-scale models, leveraging its artificial computing centers, accounting for over half of China's total. Combined with industry-specific applications, these models find utility across diverse sectors, from finance to logistics.

The Huawei Chongqing Digital Summit was held during the Smart China Expo 2023 on September 5. (Photo/Chen Zhan)

At the beginning of the year, Huawei signed a strategic cooperation framework with Chongqing Municipal People's Government to enhance cooperation in industrial digitalization, intelligent connected vehicles, and artificial intelligence.

Huawei has extended its computational prowess to the Chongqing AI Innovation Center. "By integrating and refining these large-scale models, we're enhancing our algorithmic efficiency and spurring the creation of innovated algorithms and applications," remarked Qiu. "Such efforts undeniably hasten innovative breakthroughs."

Highlighting the growing allure of large-scale models in the AI landscape, more than 190 AI-centric organizations have undergone scrutiny in the center. A substantial local computing capacity exceeding 1500+P has been analyzed.

Chongqing's manufacturing prowess aligns with Huawei

Under Qiu's leadership, the business group has zeroed in on three primary markets: industry, commerce, and distribution. Taking the industrial market as an example, Huawei's objective is to stand as a beacon, setting the standard and offering firsthand experiences to the industry.

Qiu underscored Chongqing's prowess in the manufacturing sector, hailing it as a pivotal hub for modern manufacturing in the country. This aligns seamlessly with Huawei's manufacturing characteristics. "There's an urgent need for digital transformation in this space," Qiu commented.

Huawei Ascend AI processor was exhibited at the 2023 Smart China Expo. (Photo/Chen Zhan)

Targeting Chongqing's premier manufacturing entities, Huawei has rolled out a comprehensive package. This includes consultation on digital transformation and spans research, development, production, and marketing services.

Furthermore, Huawei is at the forefront of developing top-tier intelligent parks in the country. A case in point is the Chongqing Lianglu Guoyuan Port Comprehensive Bonded Zone. "Our involvement isn't merely at a planning level. We delve deep, driving value from the ideation phase right through to operational execution," Qiu explained.

For example, Huawei introduced the "brain" for intelligent transportation, optimizing the interaction between vehicles and infrastructure. It also enhanced the perceptibility of municipal facilities, paving the way for more interactive and responsive urban environments.


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