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AI is An Unprecedented Opportunity for Businesses to Leapfrog Competitors | Insights

By RAN ZHENG|Sep 09,2023

Chongqing- As an event of the Smart China Expo, the Third Digital Transformation in Manufacturing Forum was held at the Chongqing Yuelai International Conference Center on September 5. 

This assembly of industry leaders, scholars, and experts delved deep into the paradigm shift manufacturing is currently experiencing.

The Third Digital Transformation in Manufacturing Forum kicked off on September 5, 2023. (Photo/Smart China Expo 2023)

Opportunities for large-scale AI models lie in the enterprise market

Zhu Hongren, who previously held the title of chief engineer at the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that with digital management, platform design, and intelligent production being said in everyday lives, businesses must harness these tools to sculpt a niche in the digital economy landscape.

Cao Lei from Tencent Cloud illustrated the instrumental role of technologies like 5G+Cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), and the Industrial Internet in this transformation. AI is seen as a revolutionary force, reshaping traditional operations and strategies. 

Su Zhong from Alibaba Cloud emphasized that as we enter an age where algorithms, data, and computation drive AI, it's an unprecedented opportunity for businesses to level the playing field and leapfrog competitors.

Zhou Hongyi, co-founder of Qihoo 360 Technology, believes that the following opportunities for large-scale AI models lie in the enterprise market as industries progress towards digitization. However, implementing these AI models in enterprise scenarios currently faces challenges like a lack of industry-specific depth, data security concerns, and outdated knowledge. 

Zhou emphasized that moving forward, the direction for these AI models includes a deeper industry focus, tailored solutions for enterprises, specialized capabilities, smaller-scale models, decentralized deployment, and private ownership. Addressing network, digital, algorithmic, and content security issues is essential for these models to thrive.

Digital transformation empowers businesses to new markets

Tan Jianrong, a professor from Zhejiang University, broke digital transformation down into actionable insights. First, there's Innovative Design Integration, which combines creativity with smart manufacturing to produce items that digital consumers love. Then, there's Process Enhancement, using smart manufacturing to refine and boost efficiency, saving time and money. 

Quality Reinforcement is next, emphasizing that in today's world of picky customers, maintaining top quality through smart manufacturing is essential. Fourth is Service Extension. Beyond just making things, businesses must offer additional services using digital tools. Lastly, with Market Expansion, smart manufacturing enables enterprises to venture into new markets and reach different customer groups.

Wei Daisen, Vice President of Inspur Group, stressed the importance of viewing digital transformation holistically. It isn't just about deploying technology but revamping traditional management practices and pioneering innovative business strategies.

Wei Daisen, Vice President of Inspur Group, delivered a keynote speech at the Third Digital Transformation in Manufacturing Forum(Photo/Smart China Expo 2023)

Meanwhile, Frank Meng, Chairman of Qualcomm China, revealed that Qualcomm's foray into a "5G fully connected factory" is a testament to the limitless potential of 5G. By facilitating extensive connectivity, real-time data processing, and seamless communication, 5G is set to be the linchpin in future manufacturing endeavors.

Frank Meng, Chairman of Qualcomm China, delivered a keynote speech at the Third Digital Transformation in Manufacturing Forum. (Photo/Smart China Expo 2023)


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