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Identifier Resolution Cases Used for Tracing, Manufacturing, and Management | Insights

By YUTING CHEN|Sep 09,2023

Chongqing - "Industrial Internet Identifier Resolution System, as the 'digital ID' of the digital world, plays a significant role in breaking down information barriers effectively and supporting the broader, deeper, and higher-level interconnectivity in the industrial internet," said Li Haihua, Deputy Director of Institute for Industrial Internet & IoT, CAICT, during an exclusive interview with iChongqing and Bridging News at the 2023 Smart China Expo (SCE 2023). 

Li said that the Industrial Internet Identifier Resolution System can be utilized in practical applications for product quality tracing, intelligent manufacturing, and asset management.

Li Haihua, Deputy Director of the Institute for Industrial Internet & IoT, CAICT. (Photo/Li Haihua)

Industrial internet applications in the new infrastructure of industrial parks

For example, Chongqing Humi Network Technology Co., Ltd. has established the first national-level secondary node in the motorcycle industry based on the Identifier Resolution System. They have achieved this by uniquely identifying production equipment, allowing for unified management and analysis of equipment operations, inspections, and maintenance data.

This has resulted in a 31.9% increase in efficiency in enterprise management, a 15.3% reduction in production costs, and a 23.2% enhancement in overall production efficiency.

Furthermore, the Identifier Resolution System plays a vital role in the new infrastructure of industrial parks. In the future, digital technology will be as essential as water and electricity in our daily lives, providing strong support for reducing costs, improving quality, enhancing efficiency, promoting sustainability, and ensuring security in industrial parks and enterprises.

A robust digital foundation can be created to drive industrial clustering, achieve precise investment attraction, increase the value of industrial real estate, optimize the industrial structure within the park, and deeply empower digital transformation for both the park and its enterprises, combined with industrial internet networks, platforms, and security measures.

Creating a closed-loop carbon-inclusive transaction ecosystem

"Data elements are the key to seizing the new global competition track in the digital economy," Li highlighted. "And 'Xinghuo BIF' is a national new digital infrastructure that provides robust support for the supply of data elements in the digital economy."

Xinghuo BIF is a new type of digital economy infrastructure planned and developed by China to continually advance industrial digital transformation, promote the value of digital assets, and harness the autonomous innovation capabilities of blockchain.

ASTRON, the overseas expansion of Xinghuo BIF, is actively advancing its global deployment, with ASTRON International Super Node (Malaysia) and ASTRON International Super Node (Macau) having officially signed contracts.

As the first city to deploy a super node, Chongqing has had a positive catalytic effect on the digitalization process. "With the accelerated construction of Xinghuo BIF super nodes and ASTRON international super nodes, several valuable application cases have already emerged," Li continued.

For instance, Chongqing Yilian Vertical and Horizontal Co., Ltd. has established a green finance backbone node. This node issues unique digital identifiers to the entire network and utilizes technology combining 'blockchain + big data + carbon finance' to create a closed-loop carbon-inclusive transaction ecosystem. 

"This supports Chongqing in becoming a national 'blockchain + dual carbon' hub," Li highlighted. "Currently, the platform has registered over 1,000 corporate users."


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