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Chongqing's Metro Line 18 Used Mixed-use Zones Aligns with the TOD Model

By KENNY DONG|Sep 11,2023

Chongqing - Chongqing's Metro Line 18 commenced its non-passenger trial run on the morning of September 6, with plans to launch full operations later this year.

The Metro Line 18 is undergoing a non-passenger trial on the bridge. (Photo/TYLin International)

Metro Line 18 serves as a vital north-south transportation artery in the main urban area. It starts from Fuhua Road Station in Yuzhong District, passes through Jiulongpo and Banan Districts, and concludes at Tiaodeng South Station in Dadukou District. The entire line stretches approximately 29 kilometers and features 19 stations.

The new line aims to streamline commutes between Jiangjin, one of the districts in the southwest of Chongqing, and the central urban area. Passengers traveling on the Jiangjin-Tiaodeng Line can easily transfer to Line 18 at Tiaodeng Station. 

After Bishan, Jiangjin became the second suburban district to be connected to Chongqing's central urban area by metro.

A rendering of the Lijiatuo Double-Line Bridge and its brother bridge. (Photo/TYLin International)

A significant addition accompanying this line is the Lijiatuo Double-Line Bridge, Chongqing's first bridge where road and rail layers coexist at the same level. 

Situated adjacent to the Lijiatuo Bridge across the Yangtze River, this structure links Jiulongpo District and Banan District, bearing the transportation load for Metro Line 18. One side of the bridge accommodates a four-lane municipal road, while the opposite side is designated for double-track rail transit.

Chen Yu, bridge designer from TYLin International China and the project leader, explained that traditional multi-purpose bridges usually adopt a stacked configuration. 

Chen said if a two-level design were pursued to ensure the lower level had sufficient clearance, the upper level would exceed the height of the existing bridge by around 4-6 meters. This would lead to an aesthetically unappealing juxtaposition of old and new bridges. As a solution, they decided on the same-level configuration.

In addition, Chongqing's Metro Line 18 has pioneered in capitalizing on "rail cap" developments. A "rail cap" refers to mixed-use zones centered around metro stations, encompassing shopping and office spaces within a few hundred meters radius. This development approach aligns with the public transport-oriented development (TOD) model.

The construction site of Jin'ao station. (Photo/TYLin International)

A highlight is the Jin'ao Temple station of Line 18, which currently has the largest reserved cap area among all operating routes, totaling 168,000 square meters. Plans include developing the cap area's residential, commercial, and apartment facilities. The vehicle section offers direct access to the Jin'ao Mountain Station, ensuring quick transit for passengers on Line 18.


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