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Visual Chongqing | Weekly City Views on Sep. 4-10, 2023

By SHIHAN YANG|Sep 14,2023
In the Mix City, Jiulongpo District, the shining letters make a book written by light and shadow. Photo by Li Hongbo/Visual Chongqing
In Nan’an District, the night scenery is framed by the aperture of the bridge, showcasing the charm of Chongqing. Photo by Cen Gang/Visual Chongqing
In Nanchuan District, citizens play ball games in the square, enjoying a pleasant and colorful life. Photo by Qu Mingbin/Visual Chongqing
In Chongqing Guotai Art Center, the reflection of the “Chopsticks building” is just like a “Chinese knot” embedded in the clear sky, festively and vibrant. Photo by Ping Fan/Visual Chongqing
In Sanquan Town, Nanchuan District, huge windmills stand proudly on the mountains, embracing the power of nature. Photo by Zhao Zhi/Visual Chongqing
In Wulong District, boating on the Furong River makes people feel like sailing in a landscape scroll. Photo by Wang Zongchao /Visual Chongqing
On Tiantai Mountain, Tongnan District, the trajectory of the starry sky is like annual rings, recording the changes of the stars. Photo by Wang Chengxin /Visual Chongqing

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