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"Motorcycle Capital" Chongqing Welcomes Worldwide Riders Home!

By RAN ZHENG|Sep 17,2023

Chongqing- The 21st China International Motorcycle Trade Exhibition (CIMAMotor) kicks off from September 15 to 18 at the Chongqing Yuelai International Exhibition Center. Both September 14 and 15 nights saw Chongqing's Jiangbeizui CBD screens lighting up with a heartfelt message for motorcyclists worldwide: "Motorcycle Capital" Chongqing Welcomes Riders Home!

"Motorcycle Capital" Chongqing Welcomes Riders Home!" appeared on Chongqing's Jiangbeizui CBD's skyscrapers on September 14. (Photo/ CIMAMotor 2023)

Wei Bin, known in the motorcycle rider community as "Warrior," shared his excitement. Wei has attended numerous domestic and international motorcycle expos and said that the CIMAMotor always surprises him. 

This year, Wei was captivated by the welcome message displayed on several buildings across the city, symbolizing the city's hospitality.

"Welcome Riders Home" showed up on the screen of Chongqing Grand Theatre on September 14. (Photo/ CIMAMotor 2023)

In an effort to enhance accessibility for attendees, local authorities have inaugurated multiple motorcycle lanes and designated parking zones near the exhibition venue. Welcome banners now adorn city landmarks, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie among participants.

The organizers, tapping into offline and online channels, vividly highlight Chongqing's dynamic motorcycle culture. This year's exhibition boasts over 30 interactive events, with crowd-pleasers such as "Bend out of the Road" and the "CIMA Motorcycle Park" taking center stage.

A notable feature is the "Raise Your Flag at the CIMAMotor Gathering," where motorcycle clubs from across China converge for a ceremonial flag-raising at the expo. There's also a "For Sale by Owner" zone to encourage participation, allowing enthusiasts to sell their cherished bikes.

The "920 Labor Riders Day," themed "Labor Makes Glory," promises to be a significant attraction, culminating in the unveiling of the CIMA riders at the "CIMA Motorcycle Riders Night." Concurrently, there will be numerous initiatives promoting safe and conscientious riding.

Enhancing the attendees' experience further, the organizers have highlighted prominent scenic routes for motorcyclists, unveiled the exhibition's mascot, and launched a collection of exclusive merchandise. Such initiatives reaffirm Chongqing's reputation as the global hub for motorcycles, ensuring every visitor feels warmly welcomed.

CIMAMotor 2023 has successfully congregated over 700 exhibitors from China, the United States, Italy, Germany, France, Japan, Britain, Spain, and South Korea. Together, they showcase an impressive array of over 70 vehicle brands and 1,000 vehicle units.


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