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CIMAMotor 2023 Attracts A 5-year-old Rider to Perform Motorcycle Show丨Story

By YUTING CHEN|Sep 18,2023

Chongqing - At Chongqing’s recently held 21st China International Motorcycle Trade Exhibition (CIMAMotor 2023), a fearless motorcyclist caught the crowd’s eyes with his stunt performance amidst the thunderous engine roar.

Without warning, he released the handlebars and raced forward together with the motorcycle. He swiftly rose to his feet on the motorcycle’s seat, freezing momentarily. This moment of balance appeared to challenge gravity itself, with the audience’s heartbeats quickened in response. Under his control, the motorcycle continued to spin at high speed, and he seemed to be merged with the motorcycle, creating an unprecedented spectacle.

Niu Yanzhao’s motorcycle stunt performance left the entire audience in awe on September 15. (Photo/the 8th “TIMSUN CUP” Motorcycle Stunt International Tournament)

Niu Yanzhao is a 23-year-old professional motorcycle stunt rider from Henan province. Niu and his team embarked on a more than ten-hour journey to reach Chongqing for the competition.

“This marks my fourth visit to Chongqing for the competition, and this time, I’m taking part in the 8th ‘TIMSUN CUP’ Motorcycle Stunt International Tournament during the CIMAMotor 2023,” Niu said. He is thankful that CIMAMotor 2023 offers a platform where professional stunt performers can display their talents.

Niu Yanzhao participated in a motorcycle stunt performance competition at the CIMAMotor 2023 on September 15. (Photo/ the 8th “TIMSUN CUP” Motorcycle Stunt International Tournament)

Chongqing, one of China’s motorcycle-friendly cities, attracted motorcycle enthusiasts and stunt aficionados nationwide. 

“Today, the Chinese motorcycle industry is experiencing rapid expansion, with a surge of motorcycle enthusiasts emerging from every corner of the country. Some of these enthusiasts are novices who may encounter certain risks on the road,” Niu said.

Niu said establishing motorcycle driving schools nationwide dedicated to imparting essential skills to beginners, thereby reducing accident rates. He is currently engaged in this thought, hoping to derive satisfaction from turning his passion into a profession and aspiring more motorcycle enthusiasts to enter the industry and maintain their safety. 

“This allows me to lead a fulfilling life every single day,” he said passionately.

The youngest rider at the CIMAMotor 2023

At another event called “C-Curve Debut,” all eyes were on a 5-year-old rider named Xia Bo’en, who captivated the audience with his smooth and impressive bending maneuvers on a stylish motorcycle.

Despite a young age, Xia displayed exceptional skills, earning bursts of applause and cheers from the spectators. Xia is currently in kindergarten and ranks among the youngest riders at this year’s CIMAMotor 2023.

Xia Bo’en’s bending maneuver on the C-Curve wowed the entire audience at the CIMAMotor 2023 on September 15. (Photo/cqnews.net)

Recalling his son’s early enthusiasm, Xia’s father mentioned how this 5-year-old’s eyes sparkled when watching adults riding motorcycles. Despite numerous falls, Xia never showed fear or complaints. Xia spent almost all his time at the training grounds except for school, even during scorching Summer days.

Many people initially mistake Xia for a girl due to his long hair. Xia’s father said his son wants to grow his hair long to donate it to children with leukemia.

“Many children with leukemia experience hair loss during chemotherapy, which can be emotionally challenging. Therefore, individuals can donate their long hair, which is then fashioned into wigs for children with leukemia to use,” Xia’s father said.

Xia has been growing his hair for over a year, with the requirement for hair donation being a minimum length of 30 centimeters. Upon graduating from kindergarten, his long hair will be cut and donated. Xia’s sister is now in the fifth grade and plans to cut her hair in the sixth grade, with both of them contributing their hair to those in need.

The cute boy, Xia Bo’en, who has long hair. (Photo/cqnews.net)

“Our participation in the CIMAMotor 2023 this time is to make up for the regret of not coming last year,” said Xia’s father. “Additionally, this informs our children that China hosts such large-scale exhibitions. Now, witnessing a variety of motorcycles, it all feels very novel to my son.”

Xia’s father said he would accompany his son to the CIMAMotor every year, continuing to pursue his son’s motorcycle dream and spreading messages of love and courage to inspire more people to contribute to charitable causes.

A photo of Xia Bo’en and his father. (Photo/cqnews.net)


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