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Air Products Boosts Hydrogen Investment in Chongqing丨Insights

By KENNY DONG|Sep 19,2023

Chongqing – Saw Choon Seong, Global Vice President and President of China for Air Products, is gearing up to participate in the 17th Annual Meeting of the Chongqing Mayor’s International Economic Advisory Council (CMIA) scheduled for September 22. Saw, an appointed member of the Mayor's International Economic Advisory team since 2020, is optimistic about the upcoming event, seeing it as a unique platform to glean a deeper understanding of Chongqing's evolving landscape and future ambitions.

Saw Choon Seong is one of the Mayor’s International Economic Advisors, appointed by the Chongqing Municipal Government in 2020. (Photo/Air Products)

Expressing confidence in the continued growth of Chongqing even amidst pandemic challenges, Saw remarked, "We've always viewed Chongqing as a pivotal market. This conviction led us to further our investments here, even during these challenging times."

Over the past decade, Air Products has built a robust economic relationship with Chongqing, catering to diverse sectors like electronics, electric vehicles, steel, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals. In a testament to this enduring partnership, the company has been serving electronic clients in Chongqing with gases for industrial applications since 2008. This commitment expanded in 2021 when Air Products began extending competitive gas supply services to cater to small and medium-sized businesses in the region.

At this year's CMIA, Saw will introduce a centralized industrial gas supply system proposal for Chongqing's bustling electronic industrial parks. The goal? To streamline the supply chain while bolstering the safety and reliability of gas supplies.

Prominent in hydrogen energy initiatives throughout China, Air Products eagerly looks forward to augmenting its collaboration with the Chongqing government and local businesses. This aligns with their goal to expedite the adoption of hydrogen energy in the region. Saw's vision encompasses supportive governmental policies towards hydrogen energy, widespread use of hydrogen fuel cell trucks, and heightened investments in hydrogen production and its accompanying infrastructure.

Saw's extensive history with Air Products, including a stint with the company's joint venture in Malaysia, culminated in his return to China in 2007. His exemplary contributions to the sector led to his appointment to the Mayor’s International Economic Advisory Council by the Chongqing Municipal Government in 2020. Additionally, his endeavors in uplifting Shanghai’s economic and societal landscape were recognized with the "Magnolia Award" in 2021.

Tracing its roots to its inaugural gas plant investment in Shenzhen in 1987, Air Products has since proliferated across China. By the fiscal year of 2022, the firm boasted over 100 wholly-owned joint ventures, employing approximately 5,000 individuals.

The 17th CMIA promises to be a melting pot of ideas, with 36 prominent members from Fortune 500 companies and major global conglomerates spanning 12 countries. The agenda encompasses diverse topics like intelligent manufacturing, electronics, energy, chemicals, and finance. Participants will collaboratively explore how Chongqing's international trade across these sectors can catalyze global benefit. Noteworthy attendees include industry stalwarts like Sabrina Soussan from SUEZ, Simon Yang from BP, and So Jinwoo from SK Group.

As Chongqing stands on the cusp of a new era, bolstered by the unwavering support and investment from companies like Air Products, the city is poised to further solidify its role as a vital hub for economic and technological advancements on the global stage.


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