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Over 500 Global Exhibitors Bolstering Chongqing's Vision as an International Consumption Hub

By RAN ZHENG|Oct 30,2023

Chongqing - October 27 marked the Chongqing International Consumer Products Expo 2023 grand opening at the Chongqing International Convention and Exhibition Center in Nanan District. 

This year's three-day event, organized under the banner of establishing Chongqing as an "International Consumption Center City," has attracted over 500 exhibitors from over 20 countries, showcasing a dazzling array of over 10,000 products.

The Exhibitor introduced products to Chongqing consumers on October 27. (Photo/ Nanan District)

The organizer highlighted the expo's global significance, which stands out for its international high-quality goods, catering to consumers' aspirations for one-stop global shopping. 

Goods from countries such as Russia, Iran, Belgium, Kenya, Uruguay, Myanmar, and Pakistan have been particularly prominent. Visitors can feast their eyes on Uruguayan amethysts, Nanyang gold pearls, Myanmar amber, Hungarian porcelain, Pakistani furniture, and various international wines. 

The Russia fashion show at the 2023 Chongqing International Consumer Products Expo. (Nanan District)

Russia urged to cooperate with Chongqing in clothing design, film, and more

Anastasia Dubrovskaya, director of the project bureau, international liaison department, and Russian agency for strategic initiative, praised the uniqueness of Chinese fashion and highlighted its ethnic elements, which parallel Russia's fashion sensibilities.

Dubrovskaya expressed enthusiasm for fostering stronger China-Russian ties in business and creative collaborations. "Both the Chinese and Russian are incredibly creative. We want to collaborate in clothing design, accessories, film, and video games", she said.

Anastasia Dubrovskaya, director of the project bureau, International Liaison Department, Russian Agency for Strategic Initiative, delivered a speech at the 2023 Chongqing International Consumer Products Expo. (Photo/ Nanan District)

Recalling her student days at Southwest University of Political Science & Law in Chongqing seven years ago,  Anastasia said, "I'm visiting the expo for the first time and want to experience everything here. Many foreigners are here too, and we hope to get to know each other better and introduce Russian companies to the Chinese market, especially in Chongqing."

"I'd also like to invite Chinese visitors to explore Moscow. We have beautiful parks that I recommend, rich history, and friendly locals. You can even bike around, much like in China, and take in the beautiful scenery," she added.

Exhibitors will import large-scale NEVs from Chongqing

Iran, a significant co-building country of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and a member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), has a history of robust bilateral ties with China. Rick Wang, General Manager of Chongqing China-Iran Trade & Investment Co., Ltd, emphasized the depth of this relationship and brought a lot of Iranian handicrafts to the expo. 

He noted that while many Chinese consumers may need more knowledge about the Iranian market, their awareness of Persia's rich product offerings, from saffron to pistachios, is growing. He revealed plans for a dedicated "Made in Chongqing" exhibition area at Iran's forthcoming large auto parts expo in August 2024.

Furthermore, the China (Chongqing) - Iran Forum for Global Economic and Trade Cooperation held on October 17 in Chongqing released an annual list outlining the anticipated trade between China and Iran for 2024, estimating the trade amount to reach 250 million dollars (about 34.16 million U.S. dollars). The product involves automobile and motorcycle parts, rail transportation parts, and medical equipment.

Russia, too, sees a bright future in Chongqing. Aleksey Kharin, head of the export department of the All-Russian Non-Governmental Organization of Small and Medium Business (Opora Russia), said, "The BRI opens up great opportunities for collaboration with China. We've introduced our top-quality Russian products to Chongqing and are interested in Chongqing's cutting-edge technology and equipment."

Kharin added that their first visit to Chongqing in April showed that their primary purchased product was new energy vehicles. "We want to buy more new energy buses and farming machinery this time," said Kharin. "We're eager to join the Expo or similar events again next year and encourage more Russian businesses to strengthen ties with Chongqing."

The Chongqing New Energy Vehicle Export Industry Summit. (Photo/ Nanan District)

The expo also hosted the Chongqing New Energy Vehicle Export Industry Summit, which brought together foreign trade experts, business representatives, and special lecturers to support Chongqing automakers' expansion overseas.

With the world coming together in Chongqing, the International Consumer Products Expo 2023 is set to be a resounding success, reflecting the city's growing stature as a global consumption hub.

Chongqing citizens are tasting Russian food at the Russian exhibition area. (Photo/ Nanan District)


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