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Myanmar's Minister: BRI Promotes Common Development through Interconnected World | Insights


Chongqing - The first Belt and Road Conference on Science and Technology Exchange (BRST) aims to facilitate a new wave of collaboration between China and BRI partner countries and showcase high-quality results in the Chengdu-Chongqing region. 

Dr. Myo Thein Kyaw, Union Minister of Science and Technology in Myanmar, shared during an interview that he recognizes the BRST as a strong opportunity for his country to gain a brighter future.

Analyzing the Belt and Road Initiative from his own perspective, Dr. Kyaw regards the endeavor as a path towards a more interconnected world through common development, where every country shares its knowledge and experience. In the fields of science and engineering, innovation is a fundamental requirement for every country, and so requires a common platform to develop together. 

In Myanmar's case, there is a strong desire to improve development on the national level with the help of neighboring countries like China. “Myanmar is a country like any other in the world. We need to follow technological development programs to build quality infrastructure nationwide. We are moving in this direction, but since we mainly depend on agriculture, more development is needed,” Dr. Kyaw explained.

Myanmar seeks agri-business development

China-Myanmar connections have strengthened in the past year with the first Myanmar Promotion Center opening in the Bishan District of Chongqing and direct multimodal transportation links between the municipality and Yangon. When asked about breakthroughs in science and technology-related projects, Dr. Kyaw underlined the importance of forging closer partnerships between both peoples. 

“In my opinion, science and technology on a human level are about partnerships, mutual understanding, and achieving development suited to our requirements. Myanmar is a developing country based on agriculture, and I believe we can attain win-win cooperation if we can bring engineering and digital technology into the agribusiness sector. We are still at the initial stage, but cooperation with Chongqing is a necessity.”

Despite his brief stay in Chongqing lasting only a few days, Dr. Kyaw has already witnessed the fine qualities the city possesses, including the beautiful landscape and local hospitality. In the industrial sphere, he observed that digitalization and engineering have reached advanced levels. 

Dr. Kyaw also plans to visit laboratories and research centers that produce high-quality electric vehicles and then attend a lecture at the Chongqing University of Technology to learn more about the city’s advancements.


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