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Researcher: Chinese Miracle Should be Transferred to the World | Tech Insiders


Chongqing - On November 6, the first Belt and Road Conference on Science and Technology Exchange opened in Southwest China's Chongqing Municipality. Bridging News interviewed Dr. Lojain Sulaiman, a postdoctoral researcher from Chongqing University's School of Resources and Safety Engineering.

Dr. Sulaiman underscored the importance of understanding China's economic development and its role in fostering international relations. As a foreigner living in China, she emphasized the remarkable progress that China has achieved, often referred to as the "Chinese miracle," and the global significance of transferring this development model to other countries.

She highlighted the growing curiosity among Arabic nations regarding China's development and its potential application in their own countries. According to Dr. Sulaiman, China's development serves as a critical aspect of its relations with Arabic countries, offering valuable insights into fostering mutual growth and cooperation.

China's commitment to the win-win principle in its international relationships, extending not only to Arabic nations but to the entire world, was lauded by Dr. Sulaiman. She noted that China's Belt and Road Initiative was not solely focused on trade and infrastructure but also prioritized civilization communication and cultural exchange. 

Furthermore, Dr. Sulaiman pointed out a new trend in Arabic countries, where self-reliance and the pursuit of peace are becoming central tenets of development. The idea that "Where there is security, there is development," as commonly heard in China, is gaining traction in Arabic nations, meaning an approach towards achieving progress based on shared principles.


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