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Venezuela Benefits from Infrastructure Advancements in BRI | Tech Insiders


Chongqing - In an exclusive interview with Bridging News, Alberto Quintero, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology of Venezuela, indicated the potential for a broadened scope of oil cooperation between China and Venezuela at the Belt and Road Conference on Science and Technology Exchange (BRST) on November 7.

As a key participant in China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), Venezuela is keen on cementing its economic and strategic ties with China. This burgeoning partnership is fortified by Chinese investments in Venezuelan infrastructure, energy, and mining endeavors, among other sectors.

Oil cooperation to set a precedent in Latin America

 "The Chinese footprint in Venezuela is undeniable, bringing many infrastructure advancements to our people," Quintero noted.

While acknowledging China's support in areas like telecommunications and infrastructure, Quintero emphasized the untapped potential for deeper oil sector cooperation.

Given Venezuela's standing as one of the globe's most oil-rich nations and China's escalating oil demands, Quintero remarked, "Our nation is endowed with oil wealth, yet lacks expertise in maximizing oil production." 

He further elaborated on the prospects of a Sino-Venezuelan collaboration in this domain. "Partnering with China could elevate Venezuela to a pivotal energy hub, setting a positive precedent for other countries in Latin America."

Alberto Quintero, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology of Venezuela. (Photo/Chen Yingzhu)

Expansion in collaborative fields in neuroscience, medical breakthroughs,

During his visit to Chongqing to participate in BRST, Quintero acknowledged the city's development, cleanliness, and organization.

He thought Chongqing is a burgeoning hub for high-tech advancements and manufacturing ingenuity, expressing a keen recognition of technology's role in spurring economic prosperity. 

"The impact of technology on boosting the economy is unmistakable," he commented. "Countries visiting Chongqing stand to gain valuable lessons far beyond the IT industry, spanning various fields."

Quintero underscored the breadth of Chongqing's potential for international cooperation, highlighting electronics, IT, and AI as foundational pillars. However, he also envisaged a more expansive collaboration landscape. 

"I believe our collaborative journey with Chongqing could also flourish in fields like neuroscience, medical breakthroughs, agricultural advancements, and beyond," he added.


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