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Bridge Linguistic Gaps between Arabs, Chinese | My Story with BRI


Editor's Note: 2023 marks a significant milestone for the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) as we celebrate its 10th anniversary. Experts from various fields have shared their experiences and insights on this initiative, as a key pillar of the global community of a shared future

Chongqing - Professor Rami Khalil has witnessed the BRI's promising results during his 11-year stay in Chongqing, China.

Professor Rami Khalil, a distinguished academic in Marketing and Management at the School of Business English, Sichuan International Studies University, has provided a unique perspective on the BRI.

Professor Khalil shared, "As someone who has had the privilege of residing in China for the past decade and bore witness to the historic launching of the Belt and Road initiative, I have had a front-row seat to one of the most transformative and visionary global initiatives of our time. "

His journey in China has been marked by witnessing the growth and development of this ambitious project and its profound impact on the world stage. Professor Khalil expressed his privilege in experiencing numerous opportunities brought by the BRI, such as collaborating with scholars from diverse backgrounds.

His book Chongqing, the Fog City is a bilingual exploration of Chongqing's unique role in the context of the Belt and Road initiative. This book aims to bridge the cultural and linguistic gaps between Arabic-speaking and Chinese-speaking audiences, fostering a deeper understanding of Chongqing's significance in this global endeavor.

The book delves into how Chongqing's strategic location and infrastructure development have facilitated trade and commerce along the Belt and Road. Its bilingual nature makes it accessible to a broader audience, including scholars, business professionals, and policymakers, and encourages cross-cultural dialogue and engagement.

The professor emphasized the importance of comprehensive and strategic approaches to promoting the construction of the Belt and Road Initiative and facilitating cultural and talent exchanges. He outlined six key steps to achieve these goals: language and cultural training, scholarships and funding, digital education, entrepreneurship, innovation hubs, cultural exchange programs, and research collaborations. 

"As I reflect on my journey and experiences here in Chongqing and my immersion in Chinese society, I am reminded of the profound ideals encapsulated in the "Chinese Dream." It's a dream that extends far beyond the borders of China; it is a universal aspiration for a better life, a brighter future, and shared prosperity for all of humanity," added professor Khalil.


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