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WIPO Economist: Intellectual Property Key to Belt and Road Innovation Strategy | Tech Insiders


Chongqing - The latest Global Innovation Index (GII) for 2023, published by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), positions China at the forefront globally with 24 of the world's top 100 science and technology (S&T) clusters. 

On November 7, a high-profile Roundtable on the Top Science & Technology Clusters 2023 convened in Chongqing. This assembly brought together representatives from government sectors, enterprises, academic institutions, and research bodies from the Western region's technological hubs. They engaged in a dialogue to forge innovative strategies amid significant global transformations.

Carsten Fink, Chief Economist of WIPO, underscored the pivotal role that intellectual property plays in catalyzing innovation within the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative, bolstering the need for intellectual property filings in participating countries. With 24 of the globe's top 100 science and technology clusters, China holds considerable strengths in the realms of innovation and intellectual property governance. 

Fink highlighted that intellectual property transcends its function as a mere legal instrument to become a cornerstone of strategic business planning. It necessitates direct engagement and decisive action from the upper echelons of corporate leadership, including CEOs. Collaboration serves to mobilize knowledge worldwide and leverage it for innovation. 

"That's why giving adequate consideration to that from the outset when these collaborations are put in place is quite important," he said.


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