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Certificates of Origin Facilitate Expansion of Chongqing Enterprises into BRI Countries

By ZHAN CHEN|Nov 13,2023

Chongqing - Recently, a shipment of gasoline generators worth 554,000 yuan (USD 75,976) set sail from Southwest China's Chongqing to Indonesia.

By obtaining the China-ASEAN Free Trade Agreement certificate of origin at Lianglu Cuntan Customs under Chongqing Customs District, these goods can benefit from tariff reductions and exemptions in the destination country.

The certificate of origin is an important document that grants customs clearance convenience and tariff preferences in international trade, often regarded as "paper gold" by foreign trade companies.

Chongqing Customs District issued certificates of origin for enterprises. (Photo/Chongqing Customs District)

From 2013 to 2022, Chongqing Customs District has witnessed a significant increase in issuing certificates of origin for Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) countries, rising from 9,030 to 15,450. The annual trade value associated with these certificates has also increased from 6.35 billion yuan to 13.83 billion yuan.

These statistics demonstrate the stable value of the benefits enjoyed by businesses. This expansion effectively facilitated Chongqing firms in entering the markets of BRI countries. 

Chen Hao, business manager of SAIC Hongyan Automotive Co., Ltd. based in Chongqing, commented on the intense competition faced in the international market for exporting commercial vehicles, where delivery time and tariff preferences play a crucial role for their company.

Chen highlighted that the customs' introduction of self-service printing and intelligent review for certificates of origin has proven genuinely beneficial. Now, companies can complete all necessary processes, such as declaration, review, and printing, without leaving home. This saves costs for businesses and assists them in expanding into new markets.

Data shows in the first three quarters of this year, Chongqing Customs District has issued 20,890 certificates of origin, amounting to a trade value of 16.2 billion yuan.

Among these, 11,905 certificates were issued for BRI nations, accounting for 57% of the total. The trade value associated with BRI certificates reached 9.1 billion yuan, representing 56% of the total, while related export goods can enjoy a tariff reduction of approximately 460 million yuan. 


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