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Chongqing's Agricultural Industry and Rural Revitalization Achievements Unveiled

By XINYI LI|Nov 13,2023

Chongqing - On November 10, at a significant press conference today, Zhou Song, Deputy Director of the Chongqing Rural Revitalization Bureau, delved into the successful initiatives bolstering the city’s agricultural industry and rural revitalization.

The press conference on November 10 highlighted the growth of Chongqing’s agricultural product processing industry and achievements in poverty alleviation. (Photo/Li Xinyi)

Zhou Song stated that this year marks the third year of the transition period. He emphasized the Chongqing Rural Revitalization Bureau’s commitment to consolidating and further expanding the achievements of their poverty alleviation efforts. A key objective in their rural revitalization pursuit is ensuring there is no large-scale reversion to poverty, a pivotal responsibility at the heart of the bureau’s mission.

“Throughout this year, we have rigorously adhered to the directives of the central government, establishing a robust network for poverty prevention and enhancing new mechanisms,” Zhou Song emphasized. He noted that Chongqing is working diligently through a comprehensive set of initiatives to ensure the long-term stability and sustainability of its poverty alleviation efforts.

Chongqing has successfully prevented any large-scale resurgence of poverty by implementing precise and effective mechanisms. Specialized teams, consisting of members from municipal, district, county, and relevant departments, have been formed to maintain sustained focus and bolster efforts in these areas. In tandem, comprehensive assistance measures are being deployed, including the development of an integrated online and offline three-dimensional monitoring network. This initiative, along with improved monitoring standards, plays a crucial role in preventing individuals from falling back into poverty and ensuring lasting stability and progress.

Chongqing has also strengthened its achievements in poverty alleviation by adopting strategic reforms and development measures. These efforts focus on enhancing industry and employment sectors, with particular attention on ensuring steady income growth for those lifted out of poverty and those under observation.

At the same press conference, Chen Yong, Deputy Director of the Chongqing Agriculture and Rural Committee, offered insights into the development of Chongqing’s food and agricultural product processing industry. He highlighted the successful establishment of agricultural product processing demonstration parks at various levels until the end of September this year. Chen Yong pointed out the significant achievements of these parks, especially in terms of output value, enterprise participation, and technological innovation.

Looking forward, Chongqing is focusing on six key areas to accelerate the growth of its food and agricultural product processing industry. These areas include strengthening core enterprises and developing industry leaders, focusing on the development of raw material bases while maintaining high-quality standards, and building platforms to support industry clustering and collective advancement. There is also a strong emphasis on creating distinctive brands to enhance product value, increasing industry influence while ensuring shared revenue benefits, and continually improving the industry’s ecology and services to create a more favorable business environment.

Chen Yong highlighted Chongqing’s commitment to continuously refining its industrial policies, focusing on the city’s proactive approach to meeting the practical challenges businesses face. He stressed the city’s resolve to drive rapid industrial development across its districts and counties, demonstrating a concerted effort to stimulate economic growth and support enterprise success.


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