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CISDI Serves Over 80% of the World's Top 50 Steel Companies

By Dai Yuan|Nov 14,2023

Chongqing - In the early morning, Huang Wenxiao rises from bed in the tranquil town of Ha Tinh, located in the central-northern region of Vietnam. After his morning routine, he embarks on a journey to Formosa Plastics steel base, where he will commence another day of work.

The research institute of CISDI. (Photo/CISDI)

A transformative opportunity for Ha Tinh

A decade ago, Ha Tinh was just a small and unknown fishing village in Vietnam, where the local villagers relied on fishing for their livelihoods, and Huang was no exception. However, introducing the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in 2013 brought a transformative opportunity to Ha Tinh.

In that year, CISDI Group, situated in Chongqing Liangjiang New Area, in collaboration with Formosa Plastics Group, established the largest and most automated green steel plant in Southeast Asia, the Ha Tinh Steel Project. This development turned Ha Tinh into a steel-producing powerhouse in Vietnam and significantly altered the course of Huang's life.

"With the steel plant, we no longer depend on fishing for our livelihoods, and we don't have to seek work elsewhere. Our income is stable, and we can provide for our families," said Huang.

Liu Yong, Assistant General Manager and Head of Overseas Business Department at CISDI, introduced the Ha Tinh Steel Project, employing about 6,000 residents, with around 3,000 working as technical personnel. CISDI recruited management personnel in Ha Tinh to China to nurture skilled technicians for one-to-one training. Many who were initially unfamiliar with steel production processes have become proficient.

The growth of the steel industry has led to advancements in education in Ha Tinh, with specialized metallurgical schools established to train many metallurgy professionals. Today, Vietnam stands as Southeast Asia's largest steel producer and exporter, sharing its steel production knowledge and industrial expertise with neighboring countries.

CISDI assisted Formosa Plastics Group in establishing the steel plant in Ha Tinh, Vietnam. (Photo/CISDI)

Undertaken projects in Africa over the past decade

"In addition to Vietnam, we have expanded our presence worldwide, contributing to the industrial development of BRI partner countries through technological innovations and equipment supply," said Liu.

CISDI has provided equipment services for two steel plants under Turkey's largest metallurgical mining group, Oyak Group, including blast furnaces, hot blast stoves, and gas holders.

In 2019, CISDI undertook comprehensive engineering consulting services for the Mutun Steel Project in Bolivia, the country's first fully integrated steel plant.

In the same year, CISDI completed constructing and operating a 3.5-million-ton steel plant in Malaysia's Kuantan Industrial Park. 

This project boasts the highest-efficient BF-BOF process steel plant in Southeast Asia, which not only serves the Southeast Asian market but boosts bilateral economic trade between China and Malaysia and offers over 4,000 local employment opportunities with salaries exceeding the local average.

Furthermore, CISDI has also undertaken projects in Africa over the past decade, including Ghana, Mozambique, and Ethiopia.

Since 2013, CISDI has been actively venturing into the international market. The BRI has further propelled CISDI's internationalization efforts, fostering the development of core innovative technologies and expertise now sought after by over 80% of the world's top 50 steel companies.


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