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Sustainable Shrimp Farming: A Different Approach in Inland China | Invisible Economics

By KENNY DONG|Nov 16,2023

Originally exclusive to the Pacific coast of Central and South America, the whiteleg shrimp has risen to dominance in the global shrimp market. Due to its immense domestic demand, China has become the world's most significant breeding ground for whiteleg shrimp, primarily concentrated along its southeastern coast.

The journey of whiteleg shrimp from coastal farms to inland areas, spanning distances of up to 2,000 kilometers, presents logistical challenges. This has opened doors for inland farmers to explore shrimp farming, a venture previously considered unfeasible due to the distance from the sea.

A standout example is an agricultural park in Dazu District, Chongqing, located 1,200 kilometers from the nearest ocean. Here, Huan Guoxin, CEO and chief technician of a local aquacultural company, has pioneered a groundbreaking approach to shrimp farming.

Huan's venture, beginning in June 2023, marked a shift from traditional outdoor pond farming to a more sustainable, factory-based model. This setup required an initial investment of over USD  1.3 million but offered numerous advantages. The key to its success lies in Biofloc technology. This innovative system maintains a near-zero emission environment and eliminates the need for antibiotics, aligning with today's eco-conscious ethos.

Biofloc technology, though initially challenging and costly, has proven its worth. It conserves water and ensures the health and quality of the shrimp, creating a product that commands nearly double the market price of its cheapest counterparts in local markets.

Despite the higher costs, consumer enthusiasm remains undiminished, reflecting a growing preference for healthier, sustainably farmed seafood.


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