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Russ Shaw CBE: Chongqing Should Participate in London Tech Week, Showcase Innovative Accomplishments

By Dai Yuan|Nov 19,2023

Chongqing - Russ Shaw CBE, the founder of Global Tech Advocates (GTA) and Tech London Advocates (TLA), made his first visit to Southwest China's Chongqing on November 15. 

During his visit to the Liangjiang Collaborative Innovation Zone, Shaw expressed his appreciation for Chongqing's tech ecosystem and innovative spirit while discussing potential collaboration opportunities in technology and innovation.

Russ Shaw CBE interviewed in Liangjiang Collaborative Innovation Zone. (Photo/Xing Hongyu)

Confident in the city's prospects, Shaw highlighted the immense opportunities Chongqing presents. He emphasized that through collaboration and exchange, the world could recognize Chongqing's impressive ecosystem. 

He revealed plans to establish a Chongqing Tech Advocates group that will be part of Tech China Advocates Group and then sit within GTA, aiming to showcase Chongqing to the world better.

Shaw identified numerous sectors ripe for collaboration, including Chongqing's advanced manufacturing and globally resonant sectors such as sustainable development, climate technology, energy transition, and emerging technologies. 

He particularly noted the advantage of numerous university research institutions in the Liangjiang Collaborative Innovation Zone. "I think that's something that other cities can learn about. Because I do think some of the strongest tech hubs that I've seen around the world have good universities spin out and know how to do that, and you have that here," said Shaw.

As a founding partner of London Tech Week, a global celebration of tech, Shaw suggested a plan to bring a delegation from Chongqing to participate in this event to showcase Chongqing's innovative accomplishments globally. He highlighted the importance of regular online exchange activities and the entrepreneurial opportunities available here in the global collaborative innovation zone.  

Russ Shaw CBE visited the Liangjiang Collaboration Innovation Zone. (Photo/Xing Hongyu)

Speaking about current tech trends, Shaw underscored the global focus on generative AI and large language models. 

"We need to also balance the rules and regulations, but not stifle the innovation around AI. " Shaw added. 

Shaw also mentioned the trend in quantum technology, noting China's substantial investment and leadership role. Despite the technology being in its early stages, he encouraged everyone to understand and figure out how that works.

Shaw, renowned for his commitment to driving innovation in the tech sector, enjoys international acclaim. The GTA initiated by Shaw has already established tech advocate groups in China's Shanghai, Shenzhen, Wuxi, and Hong Kong.

He firmly believes in technology's power to positively and inclusively transform the world, ensuring this transformation serves everyone.

Russ Shaw CEB revealed his plan to establish a Chongqing Tech Advocates group. (Photo/Xing Hongyu)


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