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Participants from 31 Countries and Regions to Gather in 2024 Chongqing Marathon

By YAN DENG|Dec 27,2023

Chongqing - On December 27, the 2024 Chang'an Automobile Chongqing Marathon event release and promotional conference occurred in Chongqing's Nanan District, revealing details about the full marathon draw, finisher medals, and related event benefits.

On December 27, the 2024 Changan Automobile Chongqing Marathon event release and promotional conference occurred in Chongqing's Nanan District. (Photo/Chongqing Marathon Organizing Committee)

The 2024 Chang'an Automobile Chongqing Marathon opened its full marathon pre-registration on December 5 and closed on December 15. A record-breaking 151,662 participants from 31 countries and regions, including China, Japan, the United States, Canada, and Singapore, signed up. After excluding charity and sponsor slots, a lucky 13,250 individuals (including 8,000 reserved slots) were drawn through a lottery, achieving a draw rate of approximately 3.98%.

The 2023 Chongqing Marathon. (Photo/Chongqing Marathon Organizing Committee)

The finisher medals unveiled at this conference have always been a focal point for runners. The design of next year's trophies and medals is themed around the "Twelve Scenic Views of Ancient Chongqing." The medals draw inspiration from Chongqing's official flower, the camellia, featuring the marathon emblem and the Chongqing Great Hall of the People on the front, emphasizing the marathon's role as a symbol of the city and sports. The reverse side is adorned with dragon patterns, surrounding iconic Chongqing landmarks like the Dongshuimen Bridge and Longmenhao Old Street. 

The medals are differentiated by color and size based on the race category, with the full marathon finisher medal in platinum, the mini marathon in rose gold, and the online race medal in antique bronze.

Notably, to enhance participants' race experience and sense of honor, next year's Chongqing Marathon will continue awarding commemorative trophies to runners who complete the race within three hours. 

In addition to the exquisite medals and trophies, the Chongqing Marathon will leverage its brand strengths to create a series of IP activities, offering high-quality services to enhance the overall race experience for participants. The event aims to integrate sports, culture, and tourism through cross-industry collaboration to boost the economy.

During next year's event, the Chongqing Marathon Organizing Committee will collaborate with various IP partners to provide comprehensive services, including transportation, hotel reservations, tourism, shopping, socializing, and entertainment, ensuring that the Chongqing Marathon journey goes beyond just running.

The 2024 Chongqing Marathon is set to prioritize exceptional service quality, aiming to enhance the overall participant experience. (Photo/Chongqing Marathon Organizing Committee)

After over a decade of development, the Chongqing Marathon has evolved from a single race to a series of events. In addition to introducing the key features of the 2024 Chongqing Marathon, the conference also announced the schedule for next year's Chongqing Marathon series events. 

The 2024 Chongqing June Fun Run, the 2024 Chongqing Changjiahui Half Marathon, and the 2024 Chongqing 10 Kilometers Challenge will take place in June, November, and December, respectively. 

"The marathon series will form a brand matrix through professional operations, encouraging more people to run, adopt a healthy lifestyle, promote national fitness, and contribute to the construction of Chongqing as a modern sports powerhouse," said Li Wei, CEO of Chongqing International Marathon Sports.


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