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Promoting 'De-familization' and Capital Market Intervention for Sustainable Business Growth | Deputy

By YUTING CHEN|Jan 18,2024

Chongqing - In Chongqing's vibrant entrepreneurial landscape, post-90s leaders like Xu Tu, director and general manager of Chongqing Tianjian Inertial Technology Co., Ltd., and a deputy to the sixth Chongqing Municipal People's Congress, showcase their innovation skills. Hailing from a family business, Xu has adeptly expanded the company's horizons beyond conventional limits.

"I'm a bit of an entrepreneur myself," Xu quipped. Established in 1997, Chongqing Tianjian Inertial Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in inertial navigation system technology, providing essential technical support to the navigation and positioning services sector.

Under his leadership and continuous learning, the company has expanded beyond mechanical sensors into areas like optoelectronic and semiconductor-based technologies.

Xu Tu, a deputy to the sixth Chongqing Municipal People's Congress and director and general manager of Chongqing Tianjian Inertial Technology Co., Ltd. (Photo/Xu Tu)

Implementing the concept of zero inventory management 

As a young manager, Xu overcame resistance to new ideas from the older generation. He emphasized that contemporary business management follows scientific principles, making it necessary to convince others through a blend of theory and practical examples for a more efficient management process.

Xu identified a significant challenge for small and medium-sized enterprises: the lack of a robust management system. This challenge is particularly evident in production and operational management, where the focus is on implementing the concept of zero inventory.

Xu's inventory audit unveiled that about one-third of the company's stock, accumulated over the past decade, was concealed waste previously overlooked in records.

"Now I conduct monthly inventory checks, and at the end of the year, we perform a comprehensive audit," emphasized Xu. He noted that practical cases are crucial in convincing the older generation to support these concepts.

Xu also emphasized that a family-oriented business model is unsustainable in the fast-changing tech environment, and he aims for "de-familiarization." With degrees in finance and navigation manufacturing and control, he highlights the significance of a professional technical background for effective problem identification and analysis.

To tackle domestic rivals and contend with global tech giants, he sees capital market intervention, including pursuing an IPO listing, as crucial for sustainable growth.

Xu stated, "Finance should support the high-quality development of tangible businesses by leveraging effective resource allocation. Combining both aspects is crucial to ensuring the more efficient development of the company."

Largest domestic supplier of mechanical gyroscopes

For small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to stay competitive in dynamic markets, it's vital to grasp their market position and meet customer demands. Xu emphasized their mission to assist businesses with unique tech needs, often overlooked by larger firms, by focusing on specialized markets as their strategy.

Xu Tu guides the work of employees at work. (Photo/Xu Tu)

Xu said that in the past, they specialized in mechanical gyroscopes, capitalizing on the neglect of large enterprises in niche areas. Focusing on this small sector domain, they've become the largest domestic supplier of mechanical gyroscopes.

Looking ahead, Xu envisions internationalization strategies, particularly through collaboration with countries and regions that jointly built the Belt and Road, with a special emphasis on Russia. The company actively exports navigation positioning devices and participates in international exhibitions to amplify its global influence.

As the 6th Chongqing Municipal People's Congress deputy, Xu proposes developing Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) sensors to bolster Chongqing's integrated circuit industry.

Xu urged Chongqing to accelerate the development of high-quality local MEMS sensor firms by actively attracting established domestic and international MEMS sensor companies with mature technology and contract manufacturing expertise. 

He also emphasized the importance of collaboration with local enterprises in Chongqing to boost the technological and market competitiveness of the MEMS sensor industry.


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