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Visual Chongqing | Weekly City Views on Jan 8-14, 2024

By YAN DENG|Jan 18,2024
The sunset casts its warm glow on towering buildings and endless roads. The cars on the road line up in long lines heading to their destinations under the warm yellow sunlight. Photo by Chen Yunyuan/Visual Chongqing
As night falls, Chongqing transforms into a neon-lit spectacle. Skyscrapers pierce the sky, and the dreamy world of cyberpunk manifests itself amidst the dazzling glow of neon lights. Photo by Chen Yunyuan/Visual Chongqing
There is fog in the city, the city is in fog, Chongqing is cloudy and foggy, the buildings are in the fog in the morning, and people sleep on the water at night. Photo by Fan Xiaodong/Visual Chongqing
In the cold winter, a thick sea of ​​fog rises from the mountain peaks. Under the winter sun, mountains and rivers are tinged with a mesmerizing red hue. Photo by Zhao Zhi/Visual Chongqing
The setting sun shines on the stacked high-rise buildings in Chongqing, and the rail transit under the setting sun shuttles between the high-rise buildings. Photo by Fan Xiaodong/Visual Chongqing
The light paints Chongqing in golden hues as if it had wrapped the city with a golden veil. Photo by Zhang Kunkun/Visual Chongqing
In Chongqing Opening Port Heritage Park, vibrant lanterns adorn bamboo corridors, creating a festive spectacle that radiates the fiery spirit of the New Year. Photo by Guo Xu/Visual Chongqing

New Era, New Journey, New Chongqing

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