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Luminary's Breakthrough Direct Cooling Solution Enhances Energy Efficiency by Over 30%

By ZHAN CHEN|Jan 30,2024

Chongqing - Qingan Energy Storage Technology (Chongqing) Co., Ltd. recently launched innovative energy storage products at Western (Chongqing) Science City, marking a major advancement in new energy storage technologies.

These innovations represent a leap forward in alternative energy storage methods beyond traditional pumped hydro storage, encompassing advancements in lithium-ion batteries, flow batteries, flywheels, and compressed air storage systems.

These innovative technologies, akin to large-scale power banks, charge in periods of low electricity demand and discharge during peak times. Essential for China's energy transformation and its "dual carbon" goal of carbon neutrality and emission reduction, Qingan Energy Storage Technology (Chongqing) Co., Ltd. boasts deep expertise in battery system safety, power electronics, distributed power generation, and energy management.

Energy efficiency ratio improved by more than 30%

The Luminary ultra energy storage system, a flagship product by Qingan Energy Storage Technology (Chongqing) Co., Ltd., features a novel direct cooling solution. As founder and CEO Li Desheng highlighted, it boosts energy efficiency by over 30%.

Li Desheng, founder and CEO of Qingan Energy Storage Technology (Chongqing) Co., Ltd., presented energy storage products. (Photo/Chen Zhan)

Initially devised for new energy vehicle power batteries, the direct cooling method enhances battery thermal management. This technology is important as it addresses the challenge of evenly distributing refrigerant in direct cooling energy storage systems, a problem previously unsolved in the industry.

Li emphasized the revolutionary impact of the product, describing it as a new era in direct cooling energy storage solutions, pivotal for the future development of energy storage technologies.

Launching an international brand for global expansion

Furthermore, Li introduced "Quasar," the company's international brand, outlining ambitious plans for global expansion. Starting with Singapore as its international launchpad, the company aims to extend its reach into Southeast Asia, Europe, and North America, offering its users a full suite of services worldwide.

The company introduced the Pano full-stack energy storage digital intelligence platform and Quasar OS energy IoT platform. It aims to offer comprehensive, full-cycle energy storage services to enhance energy efficiency and reduce waste by utilizing innovative technology. 

Li highlighted the vital importance of the energy storage industry in combating global warming and carbon emissions, underscoring the growing relevance of new energy storage solutions in the rapid transition to electric energy.

Energy storage safety and smart energy manufacturing base. (Photo/Chongqing Daily)

In Chongqing, where the manufacturing sector is rapidly evolving, new energy and energy storage technologies have emerged as critical components of the city's major industrial clusters. 

Li underscored Chongqing's commitment to the energy storage sector, noting the city's comprehensive support in fostering innovation in mechanisms, technology, and industry empowerment.


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