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Bridging Continents: Asian Media Leaders Converge in Chongqing for Cross-Cultural Dialogue


Chongqing - In a significant gathering of minds, key figures from the Asian media landscape convened in Southwest China's Chongqing last month. 

The assembly included esteemed personalities like Mr. I. Hendrasmo, President and Director of the Public Broadcasting Institution (LPP) of Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI); Mr. Prakash Babu Paudel, Chairman of Ray Media Group (RMG), Nepal; and Mr. Sudarshana Gunawardana, Chairman cum Chief Executive Officer at Independent Television Networks Limited, Sri Lanka.

Their itinerary featured an insightful tour of the Jinshan Group and the Chang'an Automobile R&D Center, showcasing Chongqing's fervent scientific and technological innovation strides. Moreover, their exploration extended to Chongqing's culturally and historically affluent districts and counties. Highlights included the World Heritage Site of Dazu Rock Carvings and the mysterious 816 Nuclear Factory, reflecting the region's diverse heritage and technological advancements.

The representatives from China, Indonesia, Nepal, and Sri Lanka, countries known for their vibrant cultures, united under the consensus that cross-cultural exchanges are pivotal in addressing global issues. As torchbearers of media, the delegates underscored the importance of fostering people-to-people connections and nurturing mutual understanding among different civilizations, leveraging media as a potent tool for cooperation and unity.

The roundtable discussions were a melting pot of ideas, focusing on the myriad opportunities and challenges pervading the media industry. Delegates deliberated on innovative strategies to sustain and monetize media operations in their respective countries. There was a palpable sense of eagerness to forge stronger partnerships and collaborative ventures with Chinese media counterparts, setting the stage for a future of enriched media relations and cultural synergy.

(Tian Qi and Fhin, as the intern, also contributed to this interview and report.)


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