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Chongqing University Works with Enterprises for China Magnesium and Aluminum Alloy Ultra-Large Castings R&D Center

By YUTING CHEN|Feb 01,2024

Chongqing - Chongqing University, Baowu Magnesium, and Chongqing Millison Technologies recently signed an agreement to establish the China Magnesium and Aluminum Alloy Ultra-Large Castings R&D Center at the Automobile Lightweighting Expert Achievement-sharing Event.

This initiative supports Chongqing's "33618" modern manufacturing industrial cluster system, emphasizing three dominant industrial clusters for electronic information manufacturing, intelligent connected and new energy vehicles, and advanced materials while also fostering six key industrial sectors.

After the center's establishment, the focus is on enhancing the development of ultra-large magnesium-aluminum alloy materials and components, promoting large-scale production and application. Simultaneously, efforts will be collaborative in developing new magnesium-aluminum alloy materials and advancing processing technology for oversized castings.

The 2024 Chongqing Municipal Government Work Report stated that Chongqing will continue to promote industrial innovation through scientific and technological advancement, accelerate the development of a modern industrial system, and vigorously foster new productive forces.

The R&D center will address technical and process challenges in producing magnesium-aluminum alloy ultra-large castings, accelerating the transformation of scientific achievements from the National Magnesium Center and aiming to build a world-class technology platform.

Jiang Bin, the director of the R&D center, emphasized that the establishment will hopefully witness increased participation from OEMs on the platform, fostering collaboration for developing a world-class intelligent networked new energy vehicle industry cluster in Chongqing.

Essential for national security and dual carbon goals

Automotive lightweighting aims to achieve lighter vehicles without compromising their strength, safety, and reliability. The ultimate goal is to enhance overall performance, increase energy efficiency, and reduce emissions.

During discussions, experts examined the current trends in automotive lightweighting, ongoing research related to lightweight materials, and the design and manufacturing of lightweight vehicles. This includes the integration of lightweighting technology into new energy vehicles.

Academician Pan Fusheng, a Chinese Academy of Engineering member, underscored the profound significance of lightweighting in the automotive industry. It plays a crucial role in conserving energy and reducing emissions, aligning with national security and the pursuit of dual carbon goals.

Pan expressed his hope that this event would foster collaboration between national and local efforts, further solidifying Chongqing's position as China's automotive capital and a global beacon of progress in the industry.

Pan Fusheng is an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. (Photo/Xinhua)

Shi Danghe, the director of the automotive platform technology system at Seres Group, stated that on a macro level, achieving lightweighting is a driving force for the application of new technologies in enterprises, and it comprehensively represents the development of new technologies within a company. 

Shi thinks on the execution level, lightweighting is beneficial to enterprises, and it is also important for users to experience and perceive it.

(Deng Yawen, as an intern, also contributed to this report.)


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