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CODM and Chongqing Hot Pot Unite: A New Year's Gaming and Culinary Fusion

By XINYI LI|Feb 01,2024

Chongqing - As the Chinese New Year nears, Chongqing, a city brimming with vibrancy and innovation, readies for a unique celebration of this traditional festival. In a pioneering move, Tencent Games joins forces with Chongqing hot pot to launch a special event for Call of Duty Mobile (CODM), - "Chongqing Leaps with Dragon Spirit for the New Year." This initiative weaves the rich tapestry of Chongqing's hotpot culture into the game, embarking on an extraordinary cultural journey.

Call of Duty Mobile and Chongqing join forces, launching a special event, "Chongqing Leaps with Dragon Spirit for the New Year." (Photo/Call of Duty Mobile)

In CODM, players will encounter a myriad of hotpot-themed features - from floating islands to mini-games and quizzes, all centered around hotpot. This allows an immersive exploration of Chongqing's famed culinary tradition within the digital realm, offering a visual feast that captivates and delights.

A key attraction of the event is the "City Exploration Quest" collaboration with Nanshan Mountain's popular stores and unique merchants. From February 3 to February 29, twelve check-in spots throughout Chongqing will present themed decorations and meal packages. Successful participants will earn exclusive game merchandise and special offers from these themed establishments. Enhancing the experience, a bespoke CODM shuttle bus will transport players between these check-in locations, crafting a singular blend of culture and travel. 

Invited CODM streamers and cosplayers (Photo/Call of Duty Mobile)

The "Hotpot Feast" on February 3, hosted at the Pipayuan Hotpot Nanshan head store - a Guinness World Record holder for the largest hotpot restaurant - marks the zenith of the Chinese New Year festivities. The event, running from 11 AM to 8:30 PM, will feature an array of interactive activities, from gaming zones to exhibition games and a large-scale hotpot banquet, complemented by a custom drone show. Spanning over 500 square meters, the interactive area replicates the game's mechanics, offering an enveloping gaming experience. Fans are in for a treat as they'll get the opportunity to interact with renowned CODM streamers and cosplayers stepping up to challenge streamers in solo matches. The excitement escalates as the Wolves, won champions in the gaming arena, will grace the event with their first offline appearance post-victory.

There will be a global English live broadcast during the "Hotpot Feast," which will transport the fiery essence of Chongqing's hotpot and the unique spirit of the Chinese New Year to a global audience. These multifaceted activities not only highlight Chongqing's allure as the "World Capital of Hotpot" but also underscore its prominence in digital innovation.

The world champion team, Wolves (Photo/Call of Duty Mobile)

The event's planning team will delve into the creative process behind this edition, shedding light on the synergy between the CODM's Chinese New Year event and Chongqing's hotpot culture. This aims to deepen the global young audience's connection with Chongqing's hotpot heritage.

Focusing on Chongqing's burgeoning digital innovation sectors, particularly in animation, entertainment, and e-sports, the event charts the progress of these industries, spotlighting the opportunities and achievements in Chongqing and the wider western region, and drawing more digital entertainment projects to the area.

The rendering of the interactive area (Photo/Call of Duty Mobile)

Large outdoor screens across iconic Chongqing locales will broadcast game-themed Chinese New Year greetings during the event. The CODM "Chongqing Leaps with Dragon Spirit for the New Year" event represents an inventive melding of culture and technology, significantly boosting Chongqing's global stature. This initiative is set to amplify Chongqing's international renown as both the "World Capital of Hotpot" and the "8D Magic City", showcasing its unique cultural allure and prowess in technological innovation.

(Cheng Jialu, as an intern, also contributed to this report)


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