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Chongqing Express Services Maintain Delivery Operations Throughout Spring Festival

By YUTING CHEN|Feb 06,2024

Chongqing With the Spring Festival approaching, citizens eagerly look forward to festive online shopping. Questions about express service continuity during this peak season have raised inquiries about regular deliveries and collections.

Recent investigations into Chongqing Municipal Postal Administration and express companies confirm readiness for the holiday rush, ensuring uninterrupted consumption traditions.

Service by adding staff and transportation means

Express companies such as YTO Express, STO Express, ZTO Express, SF Express, JD.com, and others have taken steps to maintain their service levels throughout the Spring Festival. These preparations include bolstering their logistics network with additional staff and transportation means to meet the increased demand for parcel delivery and receipt.

Express company staff are sorting parcels. (Photo/Shangyou News)

SF Express has introduced a high-speed rail express pilot between Zhengzhou and Chongqing, aiming to boost service efficiency. This initiative prioritizes faster delivery of perishable goods, pharmaceuticals, documents, and electronics, aiming for next-day deliveries in peak season.

Additionally, SF Express (Chongqing) collaborates with Yonghui Superstores to set up express service points at the service counters of every Yonghui physical store. This allows citizens to send parcels from these counters and enjoy a 10% discount.

JD Logistics has also optimized service delivery during the Spring Festival. The company has preemptively secured a mix of road, rail, and air transport resources and integrated supply chain logistics services enhanced by digital intelligence technology to guarantee uninterrupted service.

This strategic planning covers over 2000 districts and counties nationwide, enabling regular order placements and deliveries, as usual, on New Year's Eve and the first day of the Spring Festival.

JD Logistics will maintain current pricing for commercial warehouse products, targeting next-day delivery for approximately 85% of orders from merchants in seven locations nationwide.

"Self-Service Pickup Before Midnight" service

Although there have been improvements, the holiday season's logistics needs require adjustments in express service pricing. Factors like labor shortages and rising operational costs have prompted SF Express and JD Logistics to introduce temporary resource adjustment fees for select festival services.

For example, companies like YTO Express and STO Express will add 1 yuan per package for dispatch fees to manage the seasonal surge in parcel volumes while ensuring service reliability.

According to the Cainiao Station (Chongqing) said that, from February 7 to February 18, they will coordinate to ensure that the sites are prepared for the Spring Festival business arrangements, allowing consumers to access this information via the Cainiao App for package pickup planning.

Cainiao Station is trialing the "Self-Service Pickup Before Midnight" service in more than 100 cities nationwide, with over 4000 stations participating to meet the demand for picking up express deliveries. This service uses advanced technology for online monitoring to help station managers during the Spring Festival, with about 100 of these stations in Chongqing.


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