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Chongqing Ignites Chinese New Year with Hotpot and Gaming Extravaganza


Chongqing - As the Chinese New Year approached, Chongqing showcased a unique "Hotpot Feast" event, merging the city's hot pot culture with Call of Duty: Mobile (CODM) for a novel celebration titled "Chongqing Leaps with Dragon Spirit for the New Year." This collaboration offered an immersive journey of culinary culture, enhancing the gaming experience with local culture.

Gamers and visitors enjoyed the immersive world of gaming in the interactive zone. (Photo/Han Bing)

On February 3, the "Hotpot Feast" at Chongqing's Pipayuan Hotpot Nanshan head store captivated nearly 1,200 enthusiasts, blending the immersive world of gaming with Chongqing's esteemed culinary tradition. This event spotlighted the unique intersection of digital entertainment and gastronomy, drawing a diverse crowd eager to experience the synergy of CODM and the local hot pot culture.

Spanning over 500 square meters, the event's interactive zone brought the essence of CODM to life, offering an engrossing experience for both gamers and visitors. Participants could showcase their game interface to obtain a booklet specially designed for Chongqing, allowing them to dive into 12 inventive activities, including culinary quizzes, simulated firearm assembly, air gun challenges, and beanbag tosses, all reflecting the game's spirit and the festive Chinese New Year. Besides, inspired by the game's official character "Shou Pu," special dog tag necklaces were customized for players, becoming a major event highlight. There was also a chance for lucky attendees to relish in a special hot pot feast, highlighting the event's uniqueness.

Lucky attendees relished a feast of Chongqing's signature hotpot. (Photo/Han Bing)

The "Hotpot Feast" event significantly enhanced the on-site dynamics by inviting famous social media influencers and top-tier CODM players, fostering direct interaction with celebrated content creators and cosplayers. This unique gathering allowed participants to challenge these creators in solo challenges, enriching the event with a competitive edge. The first offline showcase by the world champion team, Chongqing Wolves, injected an additional layer of excitement. Content creators expressed their love for the seamless fusion of gaming with Chongqing culture, lauding it as an exemplary partnership and an exploration of new horizons in blending interactive entertainment with Chongqing's rich cultural tapestry.

In the interactive experience zone, players could enjoy firsthand challenge matches against content creators. (Photo/Li Xinyi)

In celebration of the Year of the Dragon, CODM is set to unveil two China-centric characters, Long Yun and Shadowfall, bringing a rich cultural narrative to the game. At the special event of "Hotpot Feast," cosplayers vividly brought these characters to life, with Long Yun embodying the spirit of martial arts and Shadowfall capturing the essence of a Chongqing girl, thus enhancing the cultural depth of the game. These two new characters not only diversify the character roster but also open a gateway for global players to explore and appreciate Chinese culture, fostering a deeper respect and understanding across communities.

The cosplayer portraying the character "Long Yun" brings to life a figure inspired by traditional Chinese martial arts. (Photo/Li Xinyi)

The "Hotpot Feast" was elevated with a mesmerizing drone show, introducing a futuristic dimension to the festivities. As evening descended, the sky was lit by drones forming the CODM logo and dragon motifs, celebrating the Year of the Dragon with a dazzling display of technology and artistry. This spectacle was not only a testament to drone innovation but also captivated the audience, marking a memorable zenith of the event.

A customized drone show featured the Call of Duty: Mobile logo. (Photo/Call of Duty: Mobile)

The fervor among attendees was unmistakable, as they relished the chance for up-close interactions with CODM players and content creators. The energy was infectious, with numerous fans thrilled to witness their admired creators in action.

The Director of the Nan'an District Commission of Culture and Tourism Development highlighted the "E-sports Consumption Season" launch following the successful hosting of the League of Legends: Wild Rift National Finals on October 20 last year. This initiative represents a novel attempt, diverging from the traditional Chongqing Marathon International Consumption Season. He stated, "This event is part of the 'E-sports Consumption Season,' showcasing Nan'an District's unique contributions towards transforming Chongqing into an international consumption center city, especially through the integrated development in culture, tourism, commerce, and sports." Chongqing is elevating its national presence in gaming and e-sports by developing digital publishing industries, particularly through collaborations with major e-sports entities and renowned IPs, attracting more related businesses to Chongqing's digital publishing bases, and fostering the growth of the digital publishing industry.

The event successfully merged gaming with culinary delights, enhancing Chongqing's cultural and tourist allure. It showcased the city's distinct culture and tourism assets, integrating gaming with Chongqing's famed culinary scene. This innovative approach not only provided a unique platform for gamers and food lovers but also propelled the development of Chongqing's cultural tourism, highlighting the city's endeavors to blend traditional and modern experiences.


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