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Chongqing's Vibrancy and Landscape Inspires Boundless Creativity in Flower Design丨Realpreneur Tales

By RAN ZHENG|Feb 06,2024

Chongqing - Renowned for the vibrant fusion of art and culture, flower designer Huang Mengxin cultivates a distinctive blend of floral elegance at his studio, CHEZ RÉMI, nestled in the Global Design Capital Chongqing.

Flower bouquets made by Huang Mengxin. (Photo/Huang Menxin)

Huang operates CHEZ RÉMI at Jiazhou Huayuan in Yubei District. It is not only a flower shop but a creative hub blending art and life, reflecting his love for floristry and the city. 

Unique geography leads to an inspiration stream 

Huang reflects on his transformative time in France, where his passion for floral art was ignited, inspiring him to infuse creativity and open his studio.

His floral journey commenced during his studies in France. Although he pursued finance as his major, he found himself increasingly drawn to the art and culture of the country, gradually uncovering his passion for floral design.

 "In France, I was deeply attracted by the art and culture there, and every museum trip and art exhibition made my heart pound," he recalled.

CHEZ RÉMI created some floral arrangements. (Photo/Huang Mengxin)

Huang decided Chongqing to be the birthplace of his floral dream. "Chongqing's vibrancy and geographical landscape provide me with boundless creative inspiration," he remarked. "I aspire to introduce people to the allure of floral art through my studio." Combining Eastern and Western elements in his design style, each arrangement embodies his quest for beauty and innovation.

Although his studio is in the Yubei District, Huang resides in the Nanan District. During his daily commute, he passes through Changjiahui, catching sight of iconic Chongqing landmarks like Raffle City, the Grand Theatre, and the Qiansimen Bridge. 

"Rainy days, early mornings, and evening sunsets... every moment in Chongqing inspires me," he shared. Chongqing's unique geography of mountains and rivers brings him different creative inspirations daily.

Integrating floristry in diverse settings

Huang actively collaborates across various domains, partnering with entities ranging from Harper's Bazaar to MICHELIN Guide Restaurant Xin Rong Ji and fashion buyers' boutiques. 

His creations go beyond traditional bouquets, encompassing scenic arrangements. "These collaborative ventures enable me to integrate floristry into diverse settings, highlighting the seamless fusion of floristry with fashion and culinary experiences," he said.

CHEZ RÉMI's floral arrangements are themed on the Year of the Dragon for Xin Rong Ji (Linghu) in Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province. (Photo/Huang Mengxin)

Harper's Bazaar discovered Huang's talent at a restaurant, inviting him to design for dinners in Shenzhen. This collaboration highlighted Huang's floral expertise and emphasized the Sichuan-Chongqing region's design and style affinity. Chongqing, a global design capital, embraces new ideas and designs with an avant-garde mindset.

The influence of several master artists is evident in his floral designs. "Henri Matisse's use of colors and Claude Monet's ability to capture light and shadow have profoundly shaped my work," said Huang. The amalgamation of these masterful elements is apparent, resulting in stylish and distinctive floral art. 

As he looks ahead, Huang is optimistic about Chongqing's future. "I envision my studio becoming a hub for cultural exchange, allowing more people to appreciate and embrace the beauty of floral art," he said.

CHEZ RÉMI's floral arrangements for the Harper's Bazaar dinner party. (Photo/Huang Mengxin)


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