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Lighting up with Dazzling Ambiance to Celebrate Spring Festival | City in the Lens②

By CHANG CHEN|Feb 06,2024

Chongqing - In anticipation of the Chinese New Year, Chongqing's Shapingba District has immersed itself in a vibrant festive ambiance through meticulous decorations at key locations like the Three Gorges Square, Sunac Cultural Tourism City, and the Ciqikou Ancient Town, blending modernity with tradition in a harmonious display.

This year, Shapingba's Spring Festival lighting decorations adhere to the principles of being lively, festive, simple, and economical. Lights have been installed at crucial urban nodes, integrating these decorations with innovative consumer experiences.

The lighting at Three Gorges Square, in particular, has been combined with the festive atmosphere of the New Year Goods Festival in the business district, primarily featuring a modern style. Notably, this year's decorations along the waterfront are all positioned under the water, using the surface's reflection to create a more spectacular effect of light and shadow, painting the streets with a cascade of dazzling colors for the Year of the Dragon. Similarly, the lighting at Chongqing Sunac Land is aligned with the upcoming Spring Festival events, ensuring a perfect match between traditional and contemporary styles and filling the entire area with joyous vibrancy.

Efforts have also been made in the millennium-old town of Ciqikou and its back streets, focusing on the arrangement of facade lighting and contour lines while enhancing the creation of illumination in pedestrian streets and other leisure areas to boost interaction between the lights and the visitors. Outside the Ciqikou Long Song Immersive Experience Pavilion, dragon-themed decorations catch the eye, with neatly hung traditional palace lanterns attracting many tourists for photo opportunities. From now until the end of the Spring Festival, residents and visitors alike are invited to experience the bustling splendor of "thousands greeting by day and tens of thousands of lights illuminating by night" in the ancient town.

(Wang Xiaosheng, Wang Zihao, and Huang Xiaolong from Shapingba District Convergence Media Center also contributed to this report.)


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