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Second Fengdu Blessing Culture Festival to Open on February 8th

By YAN DENG|Feb 06,2024

Chongqing - From February 8 to February 24, the second Fengdu Blessing Culture Festival will be held in Chongqing's Fengdu County. Visitors are invited to join the grand event, enjoy folk customs and lantern displays, experience national trends, and pray for a year filled with continuous good fortune.

The second Fengdu Blessing Culture Festival will be held in Chongqing's Fengdu County. (Photo/The event organizer)

Showcase cultural features

Fengdu's blessed land has a rich cultural history, with its renowned mountain being listed among the "Seventy-two Blessed Lands" in Daoism since the Han and Tang dynasties, spanning over a millennium. This festival aims to promote the integration of culture and tourism, solidify the "Heavenly Mountains, Blessed Land" cultural tourism brand, and showcase a confident, open, and inclusive image of Fengdu.

According to organizers, the event will revolve around blessing culture, featuring the opening ceremony, "Hundred Blessings at the Door" blessing performances, the "All Things Fulfilled" five gods blessing, the "Fantasy Night" blessing lantern exhibition, the "Virtue Carries Blessings" blessing exhibition, and the interactive lantern riddles, among other activities. It focuses on excellent traditional Chinese culture, incorporating folklore, quality products, and scenic beauty to create a journey of blessing, spiritual exploration, and filial piety.

The lantern displays were featured at the second Fengdu Blessing Culture Festival. (Photo/The event organizer)

Boost cultural tourism development

The festival boasts various highlights, offering entertainment, gastronomy, and engagement. The opening ceremony on February 8 (the 29th day of the lunar month) will feature spectacular stage performances, including the Ba people war dance and intangible cultural heritage storytelling about spring. The visual splendor and cultural richness promise a ceremony with a strong sense of ritual, artistry, and participation.

The "Fantasy Night" blessing lantern exhibition within the scenic area showcases dazzling traditional flower lanterns from Zigong City, colliding with mythical creatures and blessing culture. Breaking the traditional lantern exhibition mold, it introduces NPC performance arts, providing immersive interaction and a chance to win rich souvenirs, making it the largest and most interactive lantern exhibition in Fengdu's history.

Other activities such as the "Six Requests for Blessings" high-altitude blessing, "Crossing the Myth" celestial blessing, "All Things Fulfilled" five gods blessing, and the "Virtue Carries Blessings" blessing exhibition allow visitors to encounter surprises amid national trends and ancient customs. Traditional cultural activities like hanging blessing plaques, drawing New Year blessing lots, participating in lively lantern riddles, archery, and pitching pots provide a close experience of the charm of excellent Chinese traditional culture.

Enhance the cultural tourism namecard

Using the festival as a medium to build a charming city, the organizers have introduced a series of guarantees. One hundred buses are on standby, 2000 parking spaces are available, and 3000 police officers and volunteers are ready to ensure safety and order. All preparations for the Blessing Culture Festival are almost complete, with hardware construction, equipment installation, and other aspects fully finished, entering the final debugging stage.

The organizers aim to explore regional characteristics and cultural heritage, narrate Fengdu's stories, spread its voice, and promote the creative transformation and innovative development of outstanding traditional culture. The festival seeks to convey the beautiful meaning of "peace in the world, prosperity in the country, and happiness for the people."


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