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ILSTC Imports Diverse Global Flavors for Chinese Markets Ahead of Spring Festival


Chongqing - With the Spring Festival nearing, the New International Land-Sea Trade Corridor (ILSTC) is importing diverse global flavors into Chinese markets, offering a richer food selection for local customers.

On February 5, a train departed Qinzhou port in Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region with goods such as ghee, spices, and sugar, bound for Chongqing Tuanjiecun Station in just two days.

Furthermore, on January 19, a special train embarked from Qinzhou Port, laden with Cambodian rice, Thai coconut juice, and various goods from ASEAN nations, bound for Chongqing and Chengdu. 

Gantry cranes are in full swing, loading and unloading cargo at the East Station of Qinzhou Port. (Photo/Chen Lei)

"As the Spring Festival approaches, daily trains from Qinzhou Port to Chongqing's Tuanjucun Station are delivering a bounty of New Year's goods," said Liu Fuming, an operations supervisor at Guangxi Beibu Gulf International Transport Development Co., Ltd. 

January's shipments have comprised Brazilian beef, Indonesian fish, Thai longans, coconuts, and other items, with fruit and nut shipments alone tipping the scales at 3,100 tons—an 8.4-fold increase from the previous year—while the cargo's value soared to 28 million yuan (USD 3.9 million), nearly nine times that of last year. 

The New Year route of the ILSTC has successfully transported 2,148 TEUs of goods, encompassing beer, beef, sugar, coconut juice, and rapeseed oil. This January, the ILSTC rail-sea intermodal trains have moved a staggering 48,000 TEUs of cargo, showing an 87% increase compared to the previous year. 

The ILSTC's New Year route has transported 2,148 TEUs of goods, including beer, beef, sugar, coconut juice, and rapeseed oil. (Graphic/ Chen Yingzhu)

The ILSTC's network has grown to include 473 ports across 120 countries and regions worldwide, with the range of shipped goods increasing from over 50 types in 2017 to more than 980 today.

ILSTC now spans 473 ports across 120 countries and regions globally, shipping over 980 types of goods. (Graphic/ Chen Yingzhu)


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