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Chongqing Ancient Towns Illuminate Spring Festival with Diverse Cultural Events

By YAN DENG|Feb 08,2024

Chongqing - Several ancient towns in Chongqing have unveiled various activities for the upcoming Spring Festival, featuring traditional performances such as dragon dancing, pottery tossing, parades, ring-tossing, lantern festivals, communal feasts, folk performances, and bonfire parties. These events create a rich local atmosphere and offer a diverse tourism "menu" for both residents and visitors.

"Thousand-Meter Long Feast" in Zhongshan Ancient Town. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

The renowned Ciqikou Ancient Town in Chongqing has undergone a festive makeover with welcoming Spring-themed decorations such as lanterns, couplets, and lucky symbols.

Throughout the Spring Festival, Ciqikou Ancient Town will host a series of themed activities, including daily concerts at the Houlang Square, featuring traditional music, Xinjiang dance performances, Peking opera, and Miao ethnic dance. 

The Ciqikou Wharf will host a Spring-themed park with interactive games like pottery tossing, shooting, paper cutting, and ring-tossing. Meanwhile, Citong Road Pedestrian Street will showcase traditional folk performances like dragon and lion dances, flower boat parades, suona (Chinese double-reed woodwind instrument) playing, and reed pipe performances.

In Jiangjin's Zhongshan Ancient Town, the 19th Zhongshan Ancient Town "Thousand-Meter Long Feast" Intangible Cultural Heritage Folk Culture Season is underway until the 28th. 

The event features a variety of cultural performances, including dragon lanterns, flower boat rocking, Sichuan opera face-changing, Hanfu fashion shows, lantern riddles, couplets writing, dragon dancing, stone toad acrobatics, and folk paper-cutting. 

Residents and visitors are invited to explore the ancient town, savor the thousand-meter-long feast, climb the Love Stairs, and admire the picturesque landscapes.

As one of the birthplaces of dragon culture and a sub-venue for the 10th Dragon Lantern Art Festival in Tongliang, Anju Ancient City will display creative dragon lanterns and host grand dragon dance performances. 

Various forms of dragons will parade through the streets, presenting the "Celebrating the Year of the Dragon" theme activities.

Hailed as the "First Street of the Yangtze River," Shizhu Xituo Ancient Town, during the Spring Festival, will focus on the theme "Millennium Xituo · Welcoming the Dragon's Soaring." 

The town will organize the "Dragon Feast Banquet · A Thousand Flavors of Xituo," featuring a long table feast, allowing residents and tourists to taste local delicacies while experiencing the historical charm of Xituo Ancient Town. 

The "Thousand-Person Lantern Parade" will see participants don traditional Hanfu attire, carry lanterns, and stroll through the ancient town streets, providing a nostalgic time-traveling experience. 

The "Auspicious Dragon Soaring" laser show will illuminate the night sky, accompanied by dragon and lion dance performances, auspicious dragon blessings, and interactive experiences, allowing people to immerse themselves in traditional culture and feel the joy and blessings of the new year.

In the traditional style of the Shibati Scenic Area, six special activities are planned, covering activities such as park tours, lantern viewing, group photos for rewards, interactive lantern riddles, and immersive performances. Integrating performing arts and light displays aims to provide a joyous and delightful experience for residents and tourists as they welcome the Year of the Dragon.


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