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Chongqing Celebrates Chinese New Year with Dazzling Lights and Drone 'Fireworks'

By YAN DENG|Feb 11,2024

Chongqing - On the evening of February 9th, at 9 p.m., Chongqing's night sky became a dazzling spectacle of lights, heralding the much-anticipated "Light and Shadow New Chongqing" lighting and multimedia show. 

This spectacle highlighted the distinctive beauty of Chongqing's nocturnal landscape, drawing crowds of residents and visitors alike, who gathered to mark the Chinese New Year with jubilation.

2024 Chongqing "Two Rivers and Four Banks" light show scene. (Photo/Chen Yunyuan)

Over 3,000 drones created a "digital fireworks" display, transforming Chongqing's night sky into a colorful fairy tale landscape as darkness fell and city lights came on.

The "Light and Shadow New Chongqing" multimedia light show, organized into chapters titled "Crossing Mountains, Reaching Seas, Towards the Future," not only sustained the vibrant mood of last year's New Year's Eve celebration but also enriched the event's overall narrative.

A large number of citizens and tourists come to watch the light show. (Photo/Xin Yuran)

The light show featured city lights on both sides of the rivers, the Jialing River and the Yangtze River, building media screens, aerial drones, and Tongliang dragon dance performances. 

Concurrently, screens on buildings along the rivers and banks displayed iconic landmarks like the Three Gorges Kui Gate, Yuzhou poetry, blooming camellias, and digital technology, all set to the harmonious tunes of "I Love You, China" and "Song of the Yangtze."

Drones along the river created a magnificent fireworks display in the night sky, blending traditional culture with modern technology through innovative and high-tech methods, offering unparalleled visual pleasure to citizens and tourists.

During the light show, citizens and tourists were captivated, gushing over its beauty and exclaiming the dazzling show outshone traditional fireworks. Capturing this unforgettable spectacle on their phones, they eagerly shared it across social platforms, drawing widespread likes and attention.

Citizens and tourists gather to watch the light show and take photos with the mascot. (Photo/Guo Xu)

Many citizens expressed that the light show enhanced their pride in their beautiful hometown, while tourists found the enchanting Chongqing night scene unforgettable, vowing to share the experience and emotions with others back home.

"This is the first time I've seen such a breathtakingly light show," exclaimed Mr. Zhang, a visitor from Xi'an City. "Chongqing's night scene is truly beautiful!" He visited Chongqing specifically for the much-anticipated light show, which left him with lasting impressions and beautiful memories.

Mr. Liu, a local, shared his pride in the progress and beauty of his hometown, stating, "Witnessing these light shows fills me with gratitude. My hometown's enhancement draws more tourists, improving our quality of life."

Miss Hu, another local, said that the light show was not just a simple lighting display; it was also a means of spreading urban culture and enhancing the city's image. Through such events, Chongqing showcased its confidence and openness as a modern metropolis to the world, injecting new vitality into the city's nighttime economy.


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